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N/A | National Lane Filtering Campaign Launched by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers and Australian Motorcycle Council

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Maurice Blackburn, Oct 7, 2013.

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    The Lane Filtering vid is finally here Netrider, hope you like it!

    Please share far and wide.

    Authorities have previously recognised the benefits of lane filtering but have permitted legal ambiguity about it. This communication seeks for road authorities to say yes to lane filtering.

    Lane filtering is defined as motorcycles moving between lanes of slow or stationary traffic.

    It is a road craft that eases congestion for everyone while providing a safety benefit to motorcyclists when compared to being stopped in traffic.

    This is an appeal to road authorities from Australia’s motorcyclists, supported by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers and the Australian Motorcycle Council.

    The communication is part rider funded through the sale of Stop SMISY t-shirts.

    The communication strategy here is to increase dialogue on the Lane Filtering issue by empowering and amplifying the voice of unfunded motorcycle advocates in the public arena.

    With thanks to:

    Australia's riding community, especially to those who took the time to share their stories and bought Stop SMIDSY t-shirts that funded this project

    Maurice Blackburn Lawyers - John Voyage, Adam Kostick, Rebecca Hanlan

    Talent - Bronwyn Sorensen, Stop SMIDSY ambassador; Rob Smith, voiceover, motorcycle expert

    Victorian Motorcycle Council -- Rob Salvatore

    Australian Motorcycle Council -- Shaun Lennard

    Gozer Studio - James Armstrong, Shamus Hoare

    Motorbike featured is an MV Agusta F4 RR on loan from MV Augusta Imports
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  2. Love it - simple and to the point.

    We need to give this one a huge push and share it widely IMHO.
  3. Fantastic. Could not be clearer.
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  4. shared.. and my sharee's are sharing too :)
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    You little bewdy.

    I and the VMC are proud to have been involved.

    Let's get the message out there guys and gals.

    Yes +1
  6. Alright, so we're doing the "Take a longer look" campaign then (..at filtering, at smidsy etc.) I can get behind that! Nice one, MB et al. Shared :)
  7. Shared. Thanks to those who helped to produce it.
  8. Saw it on FacialBook and shared. Good stuff!
  9. Love it. Great work guys. I was really impressed with how clear the message came out in such a short, simple way.
  10. Wow, well done guys. Looks fanatic.
  11. Short sharp and to the point.
  12. bahh, she's wearing too much gear.

    Seriously though guys good job.

    I will make one critisim. Your You-tube title suggests it is currently illegal.

    The add, however is good.
  13. Look at this ! A netrider thread and everyone agrees . Congrats to all fantastic :) tweeted
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  14. Come to Netrider, where everyone agrees! Yay! Unicorns and puppies and kittens!
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  15. Good one...shared.
  16. Very good. Couldn't be clearer. Shared.

  17. [​IMG]
  18. Quoted to get the image to show up
  19. But it was Netrider that was the source for their inspiration. It was Netriders who expressed their ideas - which in turn led the the final product.

    It was Netriders who were involved in the design and development.

    That's why we all love it - because it reflects what we believe to be the truth. And what an amazing result:applause:
  20. Also

    Maurice Blackburn

    HomeNewsPress Releases AnnouncementsMotorcyclists start campaign to ease traffic congestion and improve safety RSS feed
    Press Releases and Announcements - 07 October 2013
    Motorcyclists start campaign to ease traffic congestion and improve safety
    Australia's motorcycling community has joined forces with road safety advocates Maurice Blackburn in an online-campaign to urge State and Territory Governments to give the green light to 'lane filtering' to ease traffic congestion.
    In a video released today, the practice of lane filtering - which is legal in many places overseas - is explained graphically so that the community understand its economic and safety benefits and potential to reduce road congestion.
    Lane filtering is defined as motorcycles moving between lanes of slow or stationary traffic. It is a way of riding that eases congestion for everyone while improving safety for motorcyclists when compared to being stopped in traffic. A large European study* shows it's safer for riders.
    Shaun Lennard Chairman Australian Motorcycle Council said:
    "Filtering makes sense. Road authorities around the world are at last recognising the positive contribution of motorcycle and scooter use in relieving congestion. It's time Australia adopted it too."
    "I've seen filtering in action across the world - in Europe, Asia and South America."
    "As well as relieving congestion, there are safety benefits for riders too."
    John Voyage, Maurice Blackburn principal and road safety advocate said it was encouraging that a number of state and territory governments were already looking at lane filtering.
    "In releasing this video we hope that policy makers see how this is a simple and effective practice. There is strong evidence from Europe that shows that it's six times more dangerous for riders to be stuck behind stationary vehicles than it is for those allowed to filter through queuing traffic."
    Maurice Blackburn is proud to be leading a growing campaign for change for riders, giving them a voice online and in social media and urging law reform.
    The video production was funded via Australia's riding community who bought Stop SMIDSY t-shirts to fund the project.
    *EU Motorcycle Accident Indepth Study (MAIDS) Final Report 2.0 2009.
    Background http://www.lawyers4riders.com.au/ https://www.facebook.com/stopsmidsy