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lane filtering and red light cameras

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lobsta, Aug 16, 2008.

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  1. seen the people that filter up to the front of traffic and go over the solid white line so that they can get away ahead of cars, which i totally think is a good idea, but was just wondering, has anybody ever seen/done/heard of this setting off a red light camera? like, is a bike big/metallic (ive heard that they are metal detectors from someone :? ) enough to set off one of these cameras.

    Like, its only gonna be a problem half of the time, and the other half you could wave politely as the camera takes a nice front on portrait of you looking all sexy on your bike...

  2. Been doing it since i started riding, only thing i worry about when lane splitting is when a cop is close lol
  3. I wouldn't think that a red light camera would be too much bother if it can only take a snapshot of the front of your bike. I dunno whether being over the solid line sets it off though.
  4. Just look for the sensor on the ground and don't ride over it....
  5. Its not an issue. The cameras take two photos a split second apart.
    Both must show the vehicle in the intersection.
  6. I managed to set one off years ago by rolling just passed the white line. The camera flashed six times before it stopped, meanwhile I was looking around fervently to see who was running the red, until eventually I clicked that it was me.
    Whether it was because i never actually went through the intersection, or because they couldn't read the plate hidden amongst the cars, i was never sent a fine.
    The only disappointing thing about it is, try as i might i haven't been able to do it again. :?
    Like it's actually a lot of fun, i highly recommend it. Any photo that doesn't have a fine attached to it, is like a good photo. :wink:
  7. I got snapped once from behind after filtering to just past the white - never got a fine, so I assume they filter those situations out.
  8. yeah Lob, i would have thought you'd have to filter right up to the middle of the intersection to set it off.
  9. or u could find one in the middle of the night and mono the way through the intersection giving the camera the finger :LOL: :cool:

    but yeah, i was just curious anyway. a pic of u with your front wheel over the line will get thrown out of court if they sent it to you. and really, most of the time, you would be safe to go through in a car, as most of the time, the boxes are just a deterrant. cameras cost money, and the boxes are just as good at stopping people running lights. u can see it really well if your on a bus, u get to look straight on at the box, and u can see that it is empty. same of fixed speed cameras. there are 3 new ones around brissy and only 1 of them has a camera at a time. this is just heresay, but i went through one at around 5-10 over once (i was late for a water polo game and didnt remember/see the 40 signs leading up to it), and no flash, no piccy in the mail, so i would say that there is some truth to the myth...

  10. actually...

    Have you been down southside near Scummybank (sunnybank).. There is a Redlight camera next to the Mobil station. I ran through (my bad) just after it turned red. No flash, no fine

    I wonder if they acutally work lol
  11. in sunnybank? somebody probably stole the camera out of the box and uses it to take happy snaps with now. either that or its for sale in the local cash converters... rule of thumb in sunnybank, if its not bolted down, its up for grabs, if its bolted down, its a challenge! :rofl:
  12. try ebay !!
    u shud find it there !!
  13. The 4 Red Light Cameras here in Cairns have only 1 active at any given time, The cops readily admit they only have one camera assembly and move it between all 4 locations as they see fit.

    Speed cameras - serve no purpose and don't help with road safety.
    They have plenty of the F##king things.

    Red Light Cameras - Serve an actual purpose, can help with the road toll, and they have one, to serve such an entire city.

    The way people run red lights up here, the State guvmint could make a fortune up here with Speed cameras.
  14. Depends on what bike you ride, if you ride a small bike with lots of plasic parts maybe the light doesnt go off, but ive heard of youth dragging chains across intersections at night and setting them off, its not the white line ist the cut in a square shape where the sensors are, and thats after the white line and over the lane, so if your between lanes maybe you dont even hit the sensor
  15. How do red light cameras work?

    Traffic lights operate with approximately four seconds of amber prior to a red light being displayed in a 60km/hr zone and additional time in higher speed zones. A vehicle passing over the road sensor beyond the stop line activates the camera. Individual sensors monitor each lane of travel.

    A vehicle must cross over the stop line after the light has turned red to activate the camera. The camera takes a photo of the rear of the vehicle. A second photo is taken to confirm the vehicle has travelled into the intersection. The camera records the time, date and place of the offence.

    So as you can see, it doesn't really matter if you do trigger the red light camera because it takes 2 pictures as proof that 1) you crossed the stop line AFTER it had turned red, then 2) you proceeded to enter the intersection causing high possibility of a crash (negligent driving).
  16. but isnt going over the line also breaking the road rules???
  17. Yeah, no doubt.
    I'm just saying that you can't be booked by a red light camera for simply activating it, there are many cases where people don't always stop where they're supposed to, that's why the camera takes a second shot to see whether you entered the intersection after you cross the stop line on red.

    If they booked you for crossing the line everytime, there would be so many disputes they wouldn't be able to keep up with it and god knows the majority of road users would call Foul Play.
  18. If the photo is taken from behind, i'm guessing you're very unlucky if you get pinged. The only reason you'd be going over the stop line is if there were already cars at the intersection which you'd be splitting to get in front of, and they would block the pic anyway. :dance:

    I love it.
  19. I've always fantised about straping on the boots, jacket, helmet and going through a red light camera in a shoping trolly at midnight. :twisted:
  20. Once you cross the big white line you've entered the intersection or is there another legal definition I don't know about Tramp??

    As for the OP if you're filtering between two stopped cars they would probably be swamping the sensors anyway so hopefully they wont see you sneaking over them to the front of the queue and as mentioned you'd have to be unlucky to get pinged when they manually check the photo if you haven't actually driven through the intersection.
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