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Lane filtering & aggressive driver

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by CrEsT, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. So this morning I decided to lane filter at some lights where there's lots of traffic. I get in front and this skinny dude in his 40s driving a brand new GTI starts honking, gets very close to my bike and winds down the window.

    He starts yelling that what I'm doing is illegal... I just replied 'good on you' - he calls me a d1ckh3ad.

    Lights go green and as I need to turn left a couple hundreds of meters from the lights, I tried to overtake him but since I ride a 250cc so I can't overpower the GTI so I get behind him. We keep moving and I indicate to change lanes... he makes a sudden move and gets in front of me... then he suddenly breaks - I had to emergency break but managed to keep control of the bike.

    By that point, I'm really angry so I take the left lane quickly and wave good bye... a couple of kms later he is still behind me at some lights and tries to cut me from the left but he's blocked by a truck.

    He got stuck at the lights and I managed to go, keeping an eye on the mirrors just in case he appears again.

    I've been riding for almost a year... and first time that a cage gets pissed off because I lane filter. At the last lights I just wanted to stop and kick his 4rse..
  2. I'm glad you come out unscathed, but why did you not stay away from him once you found out initially he was a jerk?
  3. You handles it well, pat yourself on the back.
    Unfortunately it won't be the last time, there are more of his kind out there. Just remember that keeping calm is your best defense, and will make them feel like idiots when they think about it later.
  4. He was just upset your 250 was quicker than his GTI. ;)
  5. What color was his GTi and where did this happen? Ill be sure to avoid him in future.
  6. White Golf GTI, plates 82BRI (or BRE - can't remember). It happened in Brisbane, right in front of Toombul shopping centre (Nundah), on Sandgate rd towards the city.
  7. I have to admit I got a bit carried away... my mistake for not keeping away after he went nuts at the lights.
  8. I find these people suffer from a little man syndrome. Outside their 1.5tonne safety cube they are gutless. If given the chance try to talk politely to them and ask them why they did what they did. Watch them squirm uncomfortably and hopefully they think twice next time for acting like a twat.
  9. OP, choose you who filter in front of more carefully.

    Eg if it looks beaten up or has a P plate or doof doof music, or is sporty, etc. choose an alternative or just sit behind that first car.

    Regardless, if you're on a multi lane road and the person you split in front of gives you grief, just move over to sit in front of a different car to appease them.
  10. That's a very dangerous scenario and also highlights the ******** as a hypocrite because he just broke a shit load more laws than you.

    You did well.

    If there's a next time at lights, let the idiot take off and get ahead - pull over and adjust your gloves if you have to. It's far better to have a scud missile with an attitude and a tiny penis ahead of you, than behind you, lining you up and wanting to share their concept of self righteous indignation.
  11. Lol lol, sweet. Gives me someone to look out for on the way to work now!! Did he have personalised plates with golf (the game) shit on it?

    Seriosuly, fuk guys like that, dont let it piss you off or make you angry cause then you ride like a dik. Just shrug your shoulders and keep riding, and use the first opportunity to get away from them.

    Sometime I am a real arsehole and will stir them up when I am bored. Probably a dumb idea cause it makes them worse and next time a guy like you rides past. It always seems fun at the time though.
  12. His plates are the custom black background, white font type.
  13. There is way too much irrational road rage goes on these days. it gets so dangerous. thats one of the reasons i choose to ride the bicycle to work (on bike paths) instead of the motorbike. People get so pissed off and do stupid things
  14. If you piss someone off the worst thing you can do is to ride in front of them.. its safer to either be a suburb away (in front of them) or behind them.
  15. i had a guy in one of those massive ford 150 trucks start to pull out from a parking spot on bronty road....i gave a quick toot of the horn to make sure he knew i was there....next thing i hear after i pass him is him on his horn continuously coming up pretty fast behind me......he catches up 150m up the road and is right on my ass still with the horn going....i slow right down in from of him and finally pull over as he speeds off.....what a total c%nt i thought.....felt like stopping in the middle of the road and getting off to give him a blast but figured my bike wouldnt do so well against his monster truck!!
  16. We need to ask Takamii if he can mount one of those emergency window shattering devices to a motorcycle glove.
  17. With a compressed air launcher device? :demon:

    Well done on avoiding a disastrous scenario CrEsT and as the others have suggested, always better to create plenty of space between yourself and douche bag drivers.
  18. Fleabay: Compressed Air

    Surely it wouldn't take much to rig up one of these... put the canister on the straps of a bag.... One shot only ;) :D

    Urban terrorism, thats what that is :D
  19. These situations are exactly why I always run a helmet camera. At less that $30 delivered, it's hard to understand why more people don't use them, if only for legal evidence in situations like this or worse.