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Landy Vs Lionz: Lionz nearly gets cleaned up...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lionz, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. So, this morning's commute was a little more entertaining than the usual near misses. I just happened to have pics of the spot from a previous diesel incident.

    I come up nice slightly uphill sweeping right hander to a mini roundabout. No problem, look to the right and a Land Cruiser is approaching the roundabout. I could have gunned it and got through no problem, but thought 'hey, it's been a good morning, been a good ride, no rush'. So I let him go. I'm that close to the roundabout and slowing he's got to see me right? He turns right and I follow through behind him. Now this is a single lane that leads to a larger roundabout with a double lane entry. That roundabout is here:


    So I follow Landy thinking whichever lane he takes at the next roundabout i'll take the other, slip up his inside/outside, flip left / right through the roundabout and i'm gone.

    Landy finally chooses the left lane. So I move right, cruise up alongside, check right, still all clear, I've tipped left on entry, flicked over for the right.
    Only Mr Landy doesn't believe in keeping left. Apparently Landy's can just charge for the apex in front of them and cut the corner. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaark!
    So we're both heading for the apex, i'm tipped over, i'm breathing in - that's gotta make the bike narrower, surely? I'm nearly on the kerb in all the crap, not comfortable, gotta stand the bike up a bit. So I do, and rest my elbow and shoulder on the Landy's passenger door as we round the apex, literally inches from the kerb. I'm comfortable now at this stage to introduce Mr Kevlar to Mr Landy. Twice.


    Finally Landy decides he's cut one corner he can just straighten out now and cut the other side. Thankfully. He aims for the inside lane straight away and gives me some breathing space just past the apex.
    Now Landy must have heard something by way of my introduction and I can see him finally peering in his side mirror and thinking "Oh look, a motorcycle, he's close'.

    What followed was a rather irate Lionz attempting to educate Landy on the fly as to correct road positioning for a roundabout. To which Mr Landy thought the best response was a two fingered wave as he carried on barrelling his 5 ton truck down the road. That, unfortunately did not seem to be the gesture Mr Lionz wanted, nor appreciated.

    Mr Landy was then educated in person at the next available set of red lights much to the surprise of Mr and Mrs Commuter who had obviously missed out on the fun part.

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  2. Glad to hear you did not end arse up on the ground. Could have been lots worse!
  3. Could have been George. Was sure glad i'm back on the Marlboro's after ;)
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  4. Glad to hear you're okay LionzLionz . Very uncool of the idiot.
  5. Thanks GoldenberriGoldenberri It was a little unexpected. I know it can be dissected by the what have you learnt, what could you have done differently crowd, but stuff happens. All's well that ends well.
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  6. LionzLionz let's just put it down to a driver who has a vehicle that he has no idea how to drive. I'm a Forby driver and I've said it before.....those who have had proper training and experience understand these huge beasties and do not do things like that. It pains me that they give all forby drivers a bad name.
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  7. Mate glad you came out unscathed. Yes it can be a problem people wanting to dissect what has happen and offer advice, end of the day even if a situation sounds similar they're all different. All we can do is be thankful for our skills and the luck that gets passed to us in a given situation and move on to the next.
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  8. LionzLionz I would go buy a lottery ticket! It was your lucky day me thinks :)
    I would have loved to have been a fly on the windscreen when you educated Mr Landy...
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  9. Glad your ok
  10. Glad you're okay and thank you for the entertaining description of your encounter :)
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  11. GregglesGreggles Agreed

    JeffcoJeffco Thanks Man.

    OldmaidOldmaid The education was definitely 18+ and not suitable for public viewing. I'm trying, trying, so bloody hard not to lose my rag at incidents like this, but once he gave me two fingered wave it was all over.
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  12. LionzLionz I hear you !!
    I too have been naughty lately and have chased a few people down to "educate" them. One for cutting nearly side swiping a friend on her bike. WTF!
    I have done it a few times in the car over the years as well, but the bike, well it just really lends itself so well to re-educating numptys! :)
  13. Lol, i'm trying to let it go. Numerous little incidents I just don't bother about, water off a duck's back, just a shake of the head or an index finger pointing to the visor with a 'use your fcuking eyes' comment under the lid.
    Trouble is my South London accent is just so conducive to effing and blinding when the red mist comes down!
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