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Landscape troubles

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by Roarin, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Hi all. Just aftersome help in regards to shooting landscapes that contain rather high contrast. Sometimes they work, sometimes not. Here's a couple that didn't. Any ideas what to try?

    I thought this one turned out OK but it's shot with pretty much the same settings
  2. Take a few shots under and overexposing and then blend them, otherwise a neutral grad filter or polariser will work well too.
  3. I took the liberty of a quick photoshop using 2 layers, the topmost darkened then contrast enhanced, the bottom lightened then added vibrancy erased the bottom from the top and then flattened.
    Very quick hack working on the image size given
  4. That's awesome smee. Will definately have to give that a shot.
    By the way -just upgraded to my first DSLR. A 550D, so now there is no excuse not to shoot in RAW. That makes it easier to mod yes?
  5. Shitloads easier
  6. if anything, theres to much sky in that shot

  7. Doesn't work goz it's not really in the thirds, the sky is the focus because of the clouds, it needed more contrast which is where a polariser comes in on its own.
  8. Ye looking at it again, your right, what was I thinking lol, still thinking of the snows :)