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Landlord stealing elec & gas?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny O, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys, just thought I'd put it to you and see what advice you can give.

    Ben and I rent a house, I think the landlord lives next door, the extention of our laundry is attached to their house.

    Our gas & electricity bills are astronomical for two guys that are rarely home, I'm thinking that it could be real easy for our landlord to tap into our power & gas.

    Does anyone have an idea how best to cure my suspicions? Thanks :)

  2. Turn off/disconnect every electrical device then check the meter.
  3. At the peak time, turn off the gas or power at the source to your place and see whether they kick up a stink. Power might be more instantaneous.


    Check with the utility suppliers whether they have two dwellings at your address then take the finding to the owners and then hit them for sharing bills.

    What's the go with water? You can check with the water utility to find whether there is two seperate dwellings too.

    Good luck
  4. I've got a feeling that they might use our power & gas when we are at work or away. I'll try a few tests, thanks.
  5. just turn the bloody bathroom heater off when you leave in the morning....and leave the toilet seat down ... honey ;)

    GAS is astronomical. but we do have gas hotwater which i have never had before so i am unsure of how much that would be using. (nice big hotwater unit)

    i cant remember electricity but i think it was pretty high

    water was around what i would have expected
  6. Hey I left the heater on ONCE, and it's you that leave's the dunny seat up! :LOL:

    The gas issue could have been from the ducted heating not being so efficient but the elec is outa control.
  7. Now now, lets not fight you two! Sanctity of marriage & all that.

    Turn you power & gas off at the mains when you leave for work, see what happens!
  8. Do a check around the house and see how many old appliances you have old fridges will suck it up real bad.
  9. Is the gas a main-line or bottles on the side of the house?
  10. First thing in the morning, turn off all appliances (except fridge obviously) then take a meter reading.

    When you get home, take another reading - the difference should only be what the fridge has consumed (which you can easily calculate). If the difference is greater than that, then it's obvious something isn't right.

    FWIW, as the sole occupant of a 3-bedroom unit with gas hot water and gas stove (bottles) my electricity bill for the three months June to August inclusive was $325, which was basically lights and heating in the evenings.

    It took me 8 months to empty a 45kg gas bottle, showering daily and using the stove for cooking twice a day and up to 3 loads of washing on the weekends (washing machine has hot water inlet as well as cold)

    I can relate to your problem ..... my vacant unit used 22 kilolitres of water while I was away for 3 months, as soon as I got back, it mysteriously dropped to 8 kilolitres in 4 months.
  11. Oh, hmmm, our bill is $385 for 3 months, we have gas hot water & cooking. Probably use the clothes dryer once a week each.
  12. Oh yeah, forgot, I use the clothes dryer once a week for towels.

    So maybe your bill isn't so bad - although I guess I should add I live in NSW and pay 16.33 cents per kWh dunno how that compares to you guys.
  13. Hydro farm adjoining laundry.
  14. I think that the suggestion of turning off the power at the mains is a good one. Only I'd make sure you set up a way to tell if the power was switched on again while you were away. (Like maybe stick a hair across the switch and see if it has been broken.) It means you will have to do without the fridge for a day, but if you do it when you're just about out of groceries it should be too disruptive.
  15. Check ya roof space :shock:
  16. If you decide to do the "turn off mains power" thing and you have a modern switchboard, then you should be able to remove the main circuit breaker as well ........ then sit back and watch the fun.

    Actually, why don't you do this when you're at home? Having first made sure the neighbours don't know you're there. If they are helping themselves to your power, you can be sure someone will hotfoot it over to your place to check the board. :twisted:
  17. Umm... actually $385 is huge...

    2 People in a 3br. unit... a few computers running most of the day, this one runs 24/7, all the usual appliances, tv, xbox, fridge, etc... bill comes to $200 - $250ish/ 3 months.
    But we also dont run a dryer or electric heaters, and have power saving globes across the board.

    Gas will be about $30-$50, gas central heating, gas hot water, gas cooking.

    Water about $50-$80, water saving shower nozzle.
  18. $385 isn't huge if you're using electricity for heating. Although now that I've checked back, there is an implication that their heating is gas ducted? Is this right JO? In which case, that bill IS huge.

    If you want huge ......... my younger sister, 2 bedroom unit, lives alone, no clothes dryer, no computer, electric heating, gas hot water and cooking ....... power bill $535 for the same period! :shock:
  19. What can happen is that they don't check your meter for aaaages at a time, they go on estimates. This can go a few ways; the estimate is right, the previous bill was an unusually high quarter and you get slugged the high amount until they refund you next time, or they are working off an unusually low previous bill, and this continues for a while until they check you meter and have to play catch up on one bill.
  20. We have gas ducted heating

    but a small radial type heater in the bathroom that would be used an average of 15mins a day