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Land Speed Record

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by hornet, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. You wouldn't think that it would be that hard to get a definite answer off the 'Net as to the current holder of the LSR for motorcycles.
    As far as I can ascertain, the record is held by the late great Don Vesco, set in either July 1990 at 322 miles per hour, or August 1978 at 318 miles per hour. Even Vesco's own site is vague.
    In 2001 Don set a new world record for wheel-driven vehicles, at 458 miles per hour, but the vehicle, although shaped like his classic bike streamliners, was a four-wheeler, with four wheel drive, so it doesn't count as a motorcycle record.

  2. 458mph = 737kph.
  3. Sorry, Dan, got you this time.
    Records have to be verified by the FIA and the FIM, both based in Europe (and therefore metric organisations)
    But most records are set at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA, and ALL recording there is done and published in imperial measurements! Speeds are converted back to metric after they have been measured in MPH.
    (Besides, I'm old, and entitled, so there!!!)
  4. Sorry Hornet, but whenever you go all imperial on me, I have to quote Grampa Simpson: "The metric system is a tool of the devil! My car gets forty rods the hogs head and thats the way I likes it!"
  5. 737 kph...pffft.

    Cmon. A Busa, a turbo kit and a can of Start Ya Bastard and we've got this one nailed. :LOL:
  6. Nothing like a good-natured spar!
    And as I have always said, if we are going to go metric, we're going every inch of the way!
  7. Chatting to a guy from MIT.

    If they get a problem in imperial, they convert the variables to metric, solve the problem, then convert the answer back to imperial.
  8. I know a guy from Pt Augusta way called Glen Davis thats been trying to beat that for years (not his record but get to 500Mph in a wheel driven car)

    Its called "The Challenge" and it's powered by 2 V12's from the old WWII Spitfires... Very beasty speed mobile.. He's cracked 300Mph on test runs with it no worries, he just can't get any support/sponsors except the RAAF have let him live in an old hanger out North for years. He even as to pay for his on av-gas to crank the thing up.... He'll get there its just a matter of when he finally scrapes the last of the cash in....
  9. Phaaa....

    Phaaa....2 Merlins, kiddys toys. I am going to re-engine my R1150R with one of these babies and blow that record to hell in a basket, just see if I don't so there!

    "This behemoth is the largest piston aircraft engine ever built. From 7,755 cubic inches (bore of 6.375", stroke of 6.75") and 7,050 lbs it gave 5,000 horsepower under test in 1944; 7,000 horsepower was the development target. Nine liquid cooled inline four cylinder engines about a common crankshaft. Two contra-rotating prop shafts. The camshafts each consisted of two sets of lobes. One set of lobes for takeoff, the other for economy cruise. The camshafts were shifted axially to switch lobe sets. 580 gallons of fuel per hour at takeoff power."


    Coffee give me COFFEE dammit.......
  10. Re: Phaaa....

    I've got wood!
  11. Ok...with that encouragement I have assembled my development team


    (thats me 3rd from the left, front row with glasses). We may have to lighten it a little and extend the swing arm to accomodate the new driveshaft. Unfortunatey due to cowardice running in my family I may need a volunteer to ride it, preferably a single man with no real reason to live.
  12. Did it ever make it into a plane?
  13. No.....just as well I cant image anyone brave/stupid enough to fly the bugger.

    It will of course be totally safe in a motorcycle.
  14. I love radial engines.
  15. Damn....my electrical expert (2nd right back row), has just told me that we have trouble firing 72 sparkplugs of the Beemer ignition system. We Have decided to retain the R1150R motor and adapt it to drive a (much) bigger alternator.
  16. OR...alternator-ively.....
  17. Dear rc36Honda

    It is precisely that kind of flippant remark that prevents significant technical projects such as the 'Beemhemoth' from reaching fruition in this country. In spite of that my team and I will persist with this project until......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  18. What sort of insect is a Beemhemoth???
    Or are you just winging it??
  19. For and on behalf of 'Incitatus'.

    Dear all, Incitatus is resting quietly now in his restraints. Visiting hours are 7:30 - 9:30 pm. Please refrain from bringing dangerous or sharp objects into the hospital.

    Thank You
  20. With the kind of disipline shown within the group in the picture(ladies with the legs crossed the same way and at the ankle)One imagines that the thing can not help but get orf the ground. But I do wonder how the engine would be fitted into the frame, Could it be fitted across the frame with the chain drive(will it be chain driven?) directly from the crankshaft end to the rear sprocket. That should make the bugger go.