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Land speed record broken

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jirf88, Aug 27, 2009.

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    .........Why? So we've cured cancer have we? Figured out how to break the second law of thermodynamics? Colonised space?

    I mean, its a pretty impressive achievement, but.....


    Sounds like my first car.

  2. I dont get it.

    Man breaks a land speed record;
    Man reports land speed record broken;
    Man posts said report on forum;
    Man complains that cancer hasnt been cured yet.

    Maybe i need a coffee but i dont get it. Sorry dude.
  3. Why not, I guess? But since steam power has been deader than vaudeville for nearly 100 years, one has to wonder as to this achievement's real value.

    As for speed-up and slow-down times, that's a given with record-breakers, which normally have no brakes and rely on parachutes which cannot be deployed below a certain speed, so I believe.
  4. The point is that surely people who are so capable in their fields or expertise could devote their time and energy to more... relevant endeavours.

    Cancer itself have nothing to do with it, its just an example of a long running scientific/medical struggle that is yet to be solved.
  5. Meh, not everybody should be running around the planet trying to solve cancer, overheating problems and what have you. Sometimes the ordinary can produce the extraordinary.
  6. .......and aren't we allowed to enjoy ourselves???? D'uh!!!

    .. all work & no play....... :facepalm:
  7. Not everybody has the passion to cure cancer, some just have the passion to go fast. Raise your hand if you're in the second category.
  8. ...Sometimes the ordinary are the extraordinary :cool:
  9. and vice versa.

    the phantom menace still makes me wince.
  10. I'm with you bud. :wink:

    ...and anyway, sometimes speed can cure cancer.
  11. So a scientist set the land speed record??

    A scientist will cure cancer. An engineer will make things go faster for us. :LOL:
  12. Maybe they were trying to prove that speed doesn't kill? Unless of course they exploded into a fireball....hmmm :-k
  13. and an ORDINARY person will complain :p
  14. Who knows, maybe curing cancer is this guys day job, we all need hobbies! :LOL:

    (However irrelevant & redundant those hobbies may be!)
  15. No mention of that. Perhaps this is grounds to lift all speed limits to 140Mph on the merit it will cure cancer.
  16. Star Wars referencing?? Is that allowed here? :eek:
  17. I've been conducting my own studies and so far I'm happy to report, No Cancer.
    Further studies will need to be conducted.

    (LMAO @ the rest of comments :LOL: )
  18. I could name hundreds of useless pursuits eating up billions more than this bit of fun..

    looking for life in outer space, is probably the biggest........
  19. O.k. so they may not find what they're looking for, but who knows what else they might find. Doing nothing is the only way to guarentee an outcome...
  20. Not sure about dead, given that almost all implementations of nuclear power reliant on steam to spin the turbines, which I suppose makes the USS Ronald Reagan the largest Steam Ship in the World.

    So increases in steam efficiency are probably a good thing...