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lance armstrong stripped of title's

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 87crisis, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. http://www.wwltv.com/sports/UCI-agr...trong-of-Tour-de-France-medals-175217311.html

    to be blunt...i'm not 17 anymore...don't own a bmx bike...so...cyclists...are poof's...i enjoy smoking and struggling to breathe whilst sipping on a bourbon.

    BUT ...that doesn't change the fact that this is a name that some have grown up hearing and to have all his tour de france title's stripped and now in turn there will be meeting's regarding armstrong's wins in the olympics....this is a serious matter - thoughts?
  2. Now that the No.1 hero has finally been exposed. I'm just hoping this will lead to a reduction of overweight, lycra clad, try hards wobbling all over the road.
    Miguel Indurain and Eddie Merckx were more my kind of riders.
    PS loving the Tag list at the bottom of this page.
  3. Fuck 'im.
    I've got nothing against drugs per se, but cheating at sport? Despicable...
  4. Can they objectively prove guilt yet?
  5. The French lab that found six (6) positive results and 25+ witnesses seems conclusive to me.
    The lab had no axe to grind with Armstrong as they were conducting research only and not publishing their results. They had no reason to lie or tamper with the results as it had nothing to do with the any outside agencies.

    Sources - La Monde and ABC Four Corners
  6. That's good enough for me. I don't exactly follow the news.
  7. The thing is no penalty could leave the guy in a worse position than if he hadn't taken drugs. He would be a nobody with one ball. Cheating pays even if you get caught.

    I'll be in Texas in a couple days, it will be interesting to hear the local perspective and see if he's still a hero.
  8. He's got more to worry about than being stripped of titles. There's also the very real possibility of jail time for perjury after swearing under oath to having not cheated.

    Of course if they do strip him of his titles who do they then give them to? I seem to remember an article stating that at least with the earlier titles most of the riders directly behind him have all since tested positive to drugs or are currently under investigation for cheating.
  9. I believe that the titles will not be awarded to anyone else, cant cite the source but it's ringing bells.
    Anyone who claims the title will probably have their samples retrieved from storage and re-tested with modern methods.
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  12. This one's going to run and run. The wider question of whether athletes should be allowed to dope is coming to the fore again.
    The dopers are always one step ahead of the testers (especially when it is all but agreed with the peak body) cf. Armstrong's $100k donation to the UCI a few years back.
    As science moves on it's becoming so obvious that the pro's are doping (modern bodybuilding anyone?) the old reasons such as natural ability and hard work just don't hold up anymore.
    Obviously natural ability and training are a major part of the success but the rate of development is way out of step with the expected natural progression.
  13. "the dopers" in the era of cycling that's in question were literally everyone at the top of the sport so don't hate the playa hate the game.
  14. yeah that makes sense, it seems like most major news sites seem to think it would be pretty impossible to find anyone in the top 10 who wasn't doping
  15. [MENTION=34918]87crisis[/MENTION] lovely tags by the way...
  16. Ah yes but if it's gotten to the point that the only way to win at cycling is by using drugs then why stop there. Why not take the next logical step and just fit an engine to the bike, and make it even more interesting ;).
  17. I thought it was the other way round, hence why the old weightlifting records before the reclassification have never come near being challenged.
  18. Body building - not weightlifting. Nearly all modern day pro body builders are "physiologically impossible" according to bio mechanics and associated branches of medical science.
    I was invovled for nearly 20 years and it's rife - never took the "juice" could never compete, simple as.