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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by lord nykon, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. ok now i got a qustion about lam's

    how dose it work and what are the chances of some one like me living in qld getting out of riding a 250 for a year then having to go through the proses of buying a bike again and getting ust to it???

  2. well, for starters, you'd have to live in NSW :wink:

    they have q ride over there in QLD but you can only get opens if you've got a full car licence (i think) riding a 250 aint that bad mate, can teach you some pretty cool riding too. lams bikes can be better, but thats not an option so dont worry about it.
  3. As I'm sure one of the QLD netriders will point out there's a different system for you lot which means you can get a full licence straight away if you want - the 250cc restriction's really only a Victorian thing (possibly WA as well?).
  4. well i know about getting opens straight away in QLD but you have to of hade your open car for 3 years and im just comming off my l's and i got nothing against riding a 250 i just would prefer a little more power so i can stay ahead of cars cause people in cars are unpredictable
  5. If you can't stay in front of cars on a decent 250 then you may as well hand your licence back. Really the only thing you need to worry about on a 250 is the occasional high-performance car and of course, bigger bikes.
  6. There are people around where i live that like to play with done up wrx's (young idiots) so i just got to wory about them but apart from that i can deal with most cars the ony thing im wored about is not having enuff power to get my self out of trouble

    im looking at a Hyosung gt250r