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  1. I recently went from one Virago 1100 to another. They are identical except my new one is 9 years newer, 25 kilos lighter (according to the specs) and 7 hp more powerful than my old one. The rego on my first 1100 said LAMS was not allowable, and fair enough, being a biggish engine. I recently got the new Rego certificate for my new bike and believe it or not, it is LAMS approved! I rang Dept of Transport who told me this was right, but I am puzzled as to how this can be, even if its based on "power to weight ratio". I thought LAMS was for bikes under 650cc....if I had known I could ride this bike on my RE licence, I would not have needed to go through the test to get my R (although Im glad I did).

  2. Technical stuff up??

    Think I've read that on here somewhere before...? Enjoy it!
  3. yeah there is a guy getting around Brisbane on a "lams" R6.
  4. Congrats, the value of your bike just went up.
  5. and if i didn't already have a bike, i would offer you quite a large some for it now.
  6. Dont know about QLD but here its all power to weight.No capacity restriction. Ive seen HDs in dealerships with "Learner Legal" on them
  7. Sprinter: IN ACT it is based on a more logical way of determining a learner capable bike (straight power to weight). Shock horror that the home of the politicians can actually get something right :LOL:

    The Harley Sportster 883 and Iron are both learner approved.
  8. So I keep hearing but I think its an Urban Myth

    I would check it on snopes because nothing is 100 % on the internet - but then again snopes is on the internet
  9. What are your figures on weight and power. I have:

    Power 45.4kw / (Dry Weight 221kg + Rider Weight allowance 90kg ) = 146 kw/tonne.

    Limit for LAMS is 150kw/tonne so that's under LAMS requirements.

    Wikipedia Virago 1100 Article
  10. cjvfr, dry weight 225kg, 62 hp.
  11. Note the LAMS doc for QLD says;

    Even if the registration papers mistakenly say the bike is LAMS approved, the bike is not actually approved as the regs don't say "its ok if the rego papers say its LAMS", it says the above.

    The main problem with riding a bike that is not LAMS approved when you're still a restricted rider, is that you're breaking the law, and if you have an accident your insurance company might use this as an excuse to not cover damage to your bike or yourself.

    I realise you're not restricted at this point in time, but people with a rego paper that says "LAMS" for a bike that is over 660cc shouldn't advertise the bike as being LAMS, and shouldn't encourage learners to ride such bikes.
  12. AFAIK all harley's and metric cruisers are lams in the ACT. Maybe QLD are following suit. All harley's and metric cruiser fall well below to power to weight ratio of lams bikes. Other states should follow but I have to say it would be funny seeing a L plater riding a fully fledged HD.
  13. act has different lasms req's. sometimes other states mistakenly go off their lists. happened to me.

    i was pulled over many times riding my 800 on restrictions and the LAM on the rego was good enough... even when i was defected