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LAMS with ABS & traction control

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mike Tranter, Oct 24, 2015.

  1. Hello,

    I was hoping someone could recommend a bike for me.

    I have 5 criteria:

    1. LAMS
    2. Both ABS and Traction Control
    3. Retro Style - purely a preference of mine
    4. Suitable for both cruising and commuting
    5. Preferably around 400c (for fuel efficiency)

    Background: I am completely new to riding. I have been learning on a neighbours 400cc dirt bike until I get my learners in a month's time. I am riding purely for convenience, as I live 2 hours train ride to uni which could be done in 50 minutes on a bike (no car parking). Parents have offered to pay for a good bike to make sure I'm safe while riding, so price isn't a huge problem (although evidently nothing ridiculous, and cheaper is better).

    I have done a fair bit of looking, but haven't found anything which matches what I am looking for. For frame of reference, something like the Moto Guzzi V7 II Stone is very close to perfect. Just isn't LAMS unfortunately.

    Just a note, while a I appreciate any recommendation, the question isn't really about whether I NEED traction control and/or ABS.

    Really appreciate the help,
  2. I can't think of one example of a retro LAMs bike with ABS. Not one...

    CB400 is the only thing that comes close, but I'd hardly call it retro. Can get with ABS and being LAMS, also has traction control standard (TIC)
  3. I had actually looked quite a lot at the CB400, I quite like the look of it (even though its not retro). I asked about traction control, and the Honda rep I spoke to said there is no traction control on the CB400.
  4. Mike TranterMike Tranter: WKD60WKD60 was having a play. Bikes of this class don't have traction control. I don't have an encyclopaedic grasp of all models, but I'm fairly sure you'll have to drop that criterion.
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  5. Why is that?
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    Ducati 659 LAMS ABS
    Honda CB 500F ABS
    Just to name a couple.......................with ABS only

    As far as both TC and ABS in a LAMS, do'nt thinks..
  7. Answering that would break one of your requests about discussing the need for TC.
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  8. You are right. But if my criteria isn't feasible, a brief explanation would be helpful.

    Is it just because lower power bikes don't have enough acceleration to necessitate traction control?
  9. Basically yes. WKD60WKD60 mentioned the CB400's 'traction control standard' which applies to all small and many middleweight bikes, ie. their traction is kept in control by lack of power (torque really I suppose) ;)

    As there's an ABS version, and traction control probably isn't an option for you, perhaps the CB400 should be on your list? "Classic" perhaps rather than exactly retro, but lovely and very capable little bikes.
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    Really liked the SR400, but I can't find any that have ABS.. where did you see one with it??

    Okay I get you.

    At risk of straying from the topic and breaking my own rule, why is traction control any less necessary on a bike with less torque.. While I can understand it intuitively, it doesn't seem reasonable. I would have thought it's more helpful in unusual events such as oil on the road, black ice or like safety glass on the road. Regardless of torque levels, stability control seems equally necessary if a wheel slips. Further, you can flog a low power bike, or drive a high power bike slowly. It seems like it could be helpful to all bikes?

    CB400 is certainly the current choice, at least until they start to release LAMS bikes with traction control. Yes it isn't perfect but certainly a good looking bike.
  11. They don't have it as far as u could see - hence the wording "sans ABS" .

    But you don't really need it, many on here will tell you it's better to learn to ride on a non-ABS bike so you learn to brake properly rather than relying on ABS.
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  12. Mate, they don't have ABS. 'Sans ABS' means 'without ABS'.

    There are no retro LAMS bikes with TRACTION CONTROL and ABS.
    There are no retro LAMS bikes with TC.
    There are no retro LAMS bikes with ABS.

    The closest you'll get is a modern naked (CB400) that has ABS, but no TC.

    You'll need to wait till you ae on your opens to get your retro bike with ABS and TC.Even then, I'll think you'll have a hard time finding TC...
  13. Just get a CB400 with ABS. That best suits your needs. You will never need traction control on a LAMS bike, even if you could get it.
  14. Common theme here - this is the wife's, gotta say it's a sweet and easy ride...

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  15. If your front wheel hit's oil, or gravel. All the traction control in the world won't help.
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  16. Agree, traction control in its simplest form restricts rear wheel torque when the rear wheel starts to move faster than the front. At the other end of the scale is the BMW or Aprilia system that senses front and rear wheel speeds, calculates current torque from engine revs, throttle position and current gear. It also throws longitudinal acceleration, lateral acceleration, roll angle, yaw angle to come up with the rear wheel torque it will allow.

    The long and short of it is that this is a new technology and is not generally on lower power and cheaper bikes. So forget TC and go for a bike with ABS if you like.

    List of Bikes with ABS
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  17. get abs if you can! if you're commuting it'll pay off (only needs to pay off once!). but TC is probably not needed on a lams bike, not enough power for TC to be needed really. You'd have to try pretty hard to need TC. i'm talking full throttle while turning in the cold and wet
  18. You need ABS and TC about as much as a backhand upside your head. Better off spending money and energy on any number of things. Rider training for example will do more for you than any fcuking computer can.
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