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QLD LAMS - when can I ride a more powerful bike?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Happy Pappy, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. Hello all.

    I have a question about how a Queensland LAMS restricted rider (RE) can utilise a more powerful than LAMS bike to undergo the final Q Ride test to move from RE to R, which is a requirement of the test.

    I am Open RE at the moment.

    I have made some calls to Queensland Transport and even spoken to a Police officer here and while I don't consider myself a dumb person, I am still none the wiser.

    Queensland Transport say the whole idea of requiring a further Q Ride test to move from RE to R is to determine and confirm your abilities with a more powerful than LAMS bike meets the requirements for an "R" certification.

    They tell me the test must be undertaken on a more powerful than LAMS bike and that I must be proficient in handling it. They tell me it is absolutely essential the rider is comfortable, safe on completely familiar with the more powerful than LAMS bike.

    They went further to explain the whole exercise is most certainly NOT about putting anybody on a bike they are not familiar with or may not be able to handle or may not be safe on. This would be against the rules of Queensland Transport Motorcycle Licensing regime and Q Ride.

    Not too happy about having to do yet another expensive Q Ride but OK, this all seems perfectly logical.

    My question is, how is a LAMS restricted rider (RE) going to get any experience on a more powerful than LAMS bike to comply with these requirements when my licence retractions tell me I can't ride anything but a LAMS approved bike??

    FYI, I have my heart set on a Triumph America which is not exactly a powerful bike but it is a bit over LAMS. I have not bought one yet. I also don't want the very first time I ride the thing to be in front of a Q Ride trainer/inspector. I want to have some time up on the bike to become confident, safe and familiar with it - in order to comply with their requirements. But how can I do this???

    I must be missing something here.

    Thank you to anybody who can answer this question.

    Happy Pappy.
  2. Well, there is an answer but you'll likely not like it.

    Get an L plate, stick it on the bigger bike, and ride under supervision by an open licence holding, R rider with more than one year's riding on R.

    Just do QRide, it's exactly the same test as the first Qride, but on the bigger bike. When I did it at Harts they put you on a CB600 for the test. Very simple to do, after all I passed.
  3. My apologies everyone. I have now found the information.

    Yes, if you are a LAMS (RE) rider you can ride more powerful than LAMS bikes which makes perfect sense if you are expected to be safe, proficient and familiar with the bike for the test to move from RE to R.

    Here is a copy and paste from the Queensland Motorcycle Rider's Guide (Queensland Transport) ...

    "Before applying for a class R licence you must have held a class RE licence for a minimum period of 12 months. After this period you are automatically authorised to commence learning to ride a class R motorcycle (i.e. a motorcycle that is not LAM scheme approved). While riding on the class R motorcycle you must display a yellow L plate and be supervised by a person who has held a class R open licence for at least 12 months."


    Happy Pappy
  4. Thanks PossumBob. I didn't see your post, must have come a split second before I posted the update.

    Thanks mate.
  5. If you don't have anyone to supervise you, just do a Q Ride refresher course. This will give you a few hours to get used to the bike they provide. Having said that, I know plenty of riders who have just done the assessment without any problems. If you have access to a LAMS 500cc, 600cc or 650cc bike, it would not be very different as far as Q Ride goes.
  6. I rode a non LAMS bike for the first time on my QRide upgrade course and I didn't have any issues. It was in the pouring rain to boot. I see your profile says you're on the Sunshine Coast - have a chat to Mark Langord at Qld Motorcycle School - http://www.queenslandmotorcycleschool.com.au/ about your options and about doing the upgrade. Terrific guy, very thorough and a great trainer.
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    Hi MrGrumpy,

    Thanks for your message. I actually live in Cooloola Cove which is closer to Gympie (which is where I did my Q Ride). I've edited my profile to be more accurate.

    The Q Ride guy in Gympie, his day job is training Ambulance and emergency vehicle drivers. He is an ex-motorcycle racer himself and conducts Q Rides on the weekends. It would appear Queensland Transport certainly know how to put the right people in to conduct their Q Rides. I am sure it is the same across the state.

    While many find the need for two expensive Q Ride sessions an absolute pain, as a 50+ age person concerned about the safety of all our young kids on the roads (and others), I think the Q Ride initiative is first class.

    During my first Q Ride session the trainer mentioned he thought there was a real need to include more references about motorcycles during the process to obtain a car licence. Not only do I agree with him but I've taken this suggestion and am writing to the minister for Transport here in Queensland to further this. Fat chance it will even be read but you never know.

    LOL - sorry, I don't mean to go all philosophical on you but I'm in a comfy chair and have a nice cuppa coffee going so I thought I'd ramble away ;)


    Happy Pappy
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