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Lams - Vicroads Response

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Chlowen, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    Wrote an email to vicroads about Lams, this was their response.

    Dear Customer,
    Under the new Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS) all riders who obtain a Learner Permit prior to the introduction date are permitted to ride any bike under 260cc as well as any of the additional bikes under LAMS after its introduction.

    A specific date for intorduction of LAMS will be announced when the new Regulations can be confirmed. Advice on this is expected shortly, however, it is still scheduled to be in place by July 2008.

    The VicRoads LAMS website will be updated in the next few days to provide further information. Please visit www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/lams for regular updates.

    Road Safety & Network Access

    Hope this clears a few things up.


    Paul. :grin:
  2. Good to see that that's how they went.

    I expected that that would be how they'd grandfather existing restricted riders.

    Well done. :)
  3. I'm stunned. An outbreak of common sense.

    (But goooood news!)
  4. So this means I will still be able to jump on one of the two stroke Racers even after LAMS is introduced?
  5. Yep. But good luck finding a buyer or getting a decent price for it when/if you sell. ;)
  6. If you were a pre Lams learner you can ride what you like (up to 260cc), if the Vicroads info is correct.

    Mods: perhaps someone should "sticky" the LAMS link?
  7. I have heard rumours that even though LAMS will allow you to ride some bikes up to 650cc some of the "racing" bikes under 260cc maybe removed. It is designed to be a power to weight ratio thing so if you have a super powerful 250 you may not be able to ride it unless you can show proof that it was purchased prior to the introduction of LAMS.
  8. As far as I know the power to weight is 150KW per tonne. CBR250's and similar bikes are close to 300KW per tonne.
  9. Guys although your intentions are good regarding LAMS please don't post LAMS guides from other states.
    Stick to the VICTORIAN guidelines in this thread. If there are no guidelines then don't post anything as it would be speculative and maybe even wrong.
  10. This info was gained from vic roads, use their contact email(vicroads website) if you have any further information.


  11. A CBR250RR is around 29.2kW, and weighs 143kgs dry (tare weight).

    Adding 90kgs (according to the LAMS formula), that works out to 29.2 x (1000/233) = 125kw/tonne for a CBR250RR.
  12. Don't quite understand why my post for an explaination of the above was deleted. Does this mean that absolutely everything that is posted here must be 100% true and be able to be proved with documentation?
  13. You made no reference to whom you were asking the question to, hence it made no sense.
    since now you cited your reference I can answer your question.
    This forum being a LEGAL one means that all legal opinions should be factual and relevant to the STATE being referenced to since different states have different laws about things.
    thanks for your understanding.
  14. Here are the facts



    Weight = 158kg, power = 40 HP which is 29.8 kw
    So by LAMS with rider and fuel 158 + 90 = 248 kg
    (29.8 / 248)*1000 = 120 kw per tone (under 150)

    So it's legal.
  15. Cheers PP adding that link to the sticky.
  16. The Victorian guidelines will be based on the NSW and Tasmanian guidelines.
  17. Maybe so but until they are set in concrete I am not prepared for speculation.

    The links are there in the sticky and we should be referring to them there.
    Sorry to threadjack but back on topic the letter is a good message for common sense.
  18. :rofl:
  19. :shock: Hope you don't pull me over when i'm down south, probably still smarter then qld police in traffic branch though :roll:
  20. To be fair; but while still not close to 300, an unrestricted grey import cbr250rr at dry weight with no rider allowance will be well over the power allowance.