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LAMS Vic - Current status

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Gobbledegeek, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. I was wondering whether LAMS will be introduced into Victoria any time soon? Does anyone know or could point me in the right direction?


  2. If all goes to plan later this year I am led to believe
  3. BUT you have been saying that for the last 2 years!
  4. We are talking about the bracks government, they dont give 2 sh*ts for motorcyclist.. I would not be holding my breath for LAMS within Vic.
  5. To be perfectly honest my only real concern is what might happen to the second hand 250 market should it be introduced. I would feel gutted if I couldn't sell do the increased demand in bigger machines.
  6. I have hmm, show me a post where I said it might be later this year ?

  7. As far as I can tell, LAMS has had little effect on the 250cc market in NSW.
  8. i think the 250 market has dipped by maybe 10 20 percent, Simply put there arnt that many 250+++ machines that are popular for learners bar the gt650r(L) and GS500
  9. Yeah there are some benefits to a 250 - for a start there's a much wider range of options and a lot more bikes available, particularly when it comes to sportsbikes (since grey import 400s aren't that common, or cheap). Some of the larger LAMs bikes are also going to cost a lot more to run, rego insure etc. than some 250s which is something that may make someone choose say a 250cc cruiser over a 600-650cc one (that and perhaps the weight of the bike). The ones who should really be worried about LAMs being brought in are those with 2-stroke 250s.
  10. if they bring in lams just means i get to upgrade earlier :)
  11. Possibly not - after all your licence would still say "restricted to 260cc" so technically that could still apply.
  12. I think if Victoria goes over, then the importers would seriously consider bringing in new 400cc machines. The second hand 250 market would remain strongish, as a lot of them are about to fall off the road anyway.

  13. no.. the licencs just says restrictions...... so if the law changes... that would mean the new restrictiond\s apply..ie only bikes onthe LAMS list..... of ocurse you could still be right and I still have to wait.

    Iether way i don't think many of my desired upgrades are on any LAMS list.
  14. Actually, there's nothing on the learner permit itself to say you're restricted to 260cc. The restriction is in how the motorcycle learner permit is described in legislation.

    Bringing in LAMS really amounts to little more than changing a description of the learner permit in legislation, so there's no reason why any existing 260cc learner permits couldn't automatically become LAMS permits.

    A slightly more likely scenario, given the Bracks government's penchant for raising revenue and screwing riders, is the LAMS permit will look slightly different, and you'll be able to upgrade your 260cc permit to a LAMS permit for a fee.
  15. But isn't the only LAMs approved [unrestricted] 400 the Honda RVF [not the VFR]?
    The RVF snuck through because the japs either didn't supply, or supplied incorrect power figures when the bikes were first imported to Aus.

    I think that was the reason...
  16. Yep you're right - but the back of my licence does clearly state "restricted to 260cc". Although given those restrictions ended a while ago it doesn't make much difference to me.

    Yeah it'd be nice if the manufacturers started importing some of the 400s available in Japan officially (wouldn't mind an XJR400 myself :)). Though NSW has had LAMs for a while now and grey import 400s don't seem to be selling in anywhere near the numbers of 250s. Odd really given that often 400s are just 250s with a larger bore (ie the 400 Bandit).
  17. I was refering to new bikes, so official imports. I expect to see more 250-660 cc bikes if another eastern state takes up LAMS.

    Also I think the xv400 and 400 bros are LAMS aproved. Could be wrong. Lots of older bikes are.
  18. isn't the 400 Bros just a big SPADA???? or amithinking of something totally different??
  19. Actually you might be looking in slightly the wrong direction; what LAMS has done in NSW has been to bring back onto the road a host of old 650s and 600s, Kawas and BMWs, and give riders a very cheap ($1,000+ as opposed to $5,000 for an old 250) entry into riding. Of course most of these are sold as soon as restrictions are over, but it DOES give new riders a lot more choice....
  20. Maybe it'll come in on the 26th of Jan?

    After all.. We love our LAM on Australia day.

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: