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LAMS Upgrade

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Takeover, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. Hi All

    Planning to get go for an LAMS bike which fits the QLD norms and then just upgrade the bike with a different ECU or something simple after getting an open license rather than having to change the bike... please advise

    Example: Triumph street Triple -LAMS 660 is 54 Hp and the Street Triple R is 104 HP
  2. I reckon after 3 years, you'll be itching for a new bike anyways!
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  3. You can't un lams the street triple.
    I took both out for a wee test.
    I wouldn't bother with the lams version just get the real thing :)

    Apart from that ummm that's it
  4. get a different bike so that you'll be upgrading after lams to shiny new one
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  5. The street triple is a little more than an ECU downgrade. They also shortened the stroke. This meant repositioning the con rods and machining the gasket face between the head and block.

    I'd suggest getting a LAMS bike then replacing it when you can afford to do so on your non restricted licence..
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  6. Triumph is going to be leaking too much oil after three years. Time to upgrade.
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  7. Seeing as I've seen them leaking oil brand new in the PS showroom...
  8. This a bad bad idea money burning idea, that's all you need to know. Buying and selling isn't hard don't be stupid.
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  9. ^^^ as above.

    Many new riders all have this idea, but it's not a good one for many reasons, the number 1 being - why would you only ever want to ride your first bike? That's like getting married to the first girl you kiss.
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  10. gg selling an unrestricted lams bike.

    1. no one who is off restrictions would buy it because they can have a 675
    2. the lams market cant ride it
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  11. Ha-ha I did that and she still puts up with me!
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  12. Was going to say it's more like only sleeping with your wife........but thought better of it.

    Oh wait.....
  13. You have better choices out there, such as the Ninja 650 (71bhp), GSX650F (85 bhp) etc.. that are extremely easy to de-restrict and when you want to sell it simply pop the screw / plug / ECU back in. No one will know a thing and you don't have to go registering it as a non lams bike.

    Though then again all these lams certified bikes are a bit of a joke when it comes to the weight power ratio. But who knows they might be enough for you.