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LAMS unrestricted ?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by kpun, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. heyaa guys, i just wanna say first off that this site and the users have been amazing at giving both fast and informative info to any of the questions i had. BUT ANYWAYS BACK TO TOPIC; i was wondering which LAMS sport looking bikes could be unrestricted later on ? i read that even if you cant unrestrict it then you can just chuck in a different ECU to "upgrade" it ? (dont know what ECU is :/) Is that possible for all LAM bikes ? :-s ;im a newbie so be gentle :|

  2. The Kawasaki ninja 650RL can be 100% derestricted in under 5 minutes. Remove a bolt from the throttle assembly that restricts the throttle to about 40% and take a plug off the diagnostic port under the seat. All done.
  3. Of course, I would only recommend doing this once you have the appropriate license.
  4. You probably wouldn't want to unrestrict a lams bike as lams bikes hold their value far more than non lams. Doing it legally could cost you well in to the thousands. Doing it otherwise well....no comment.

    To answer your question all restricted lams bikes could be unrestricted in one way or another.

    Not all lams bikes are restricted such as the cb400 or gs500 as they fall under the lams power to weight limit with the cb400 being right on the limit in it's natural guise.

    Ducati are releasing a new lams bike specifically for the Australian market unrestricted which will also be right on the power to weight limit.
  5. Lams bikes hold their value quite well. You'd be better off buying something cheap to start with and wait out your restrictions then you can choose something you'd rather get once you're off your restrictions.
  6. I agree with CarpetBelly ( Also known as RugMan)
  7. Yep. Buy something cheap, learn how to ride it, then worry about buying something fancy.

    Unfortunately far too many riders try and jump straight to that last step, which is why there's so many supersports out on the roads wobbling about and crashing into things.
  8. I can't think of any LAMS bikes that once unrestricted would hold a candle to a non-LAMS dedicated arm-ripping ball-busting alternative. I'd reckon you're better off getting a LAMS bike with the plan of learning to ride safely and selling it once you're off restrictions, and go get yourself a 600, 750 etc once you're able to (both license and skills wise)
  9. That's the beauty of the Kwaka, you can re-restrict is just as fast. Put the bolt back in and put the plug back on.

    I honestly can't believe that Kawasaki made it 'that' easy.
  10. This may be a newbie question, but are there any legal implications to riding a LAMS bike that has been de-restricted (once you have you full license)?
  11. Yep, it's an illegal modification - which means no insurance.

    You have to de-register the bike, then re-register it as a non LAMS version, to make it legal. A process which I believe costs between $1-2,000 depending on what state your in.
  12. Yeah, thought there would be something along those lines...

    Have been debating getting a bike recently (one that comes in LAMS and non LAMS versions), a few dealers have said to just buy the L version, then re-restrict it when I sell it...

    ***roll eyes***
  13. ECU or ECM stands for electronic control module or unit. Depending on what the manufacture wants to call it. Most retail for about $1000 upwards. And not usually the thing restricting the bike. Usually.
    Mate it's very very rarely the fastest bike in front.
    All these wizz bang GZXRTPhhhts look great. Are they really that nice to ride on the road. Quite simply no. It's so hard mentally to hold back on them. 0 to 100 in three seconds. 80 to 180in about the same. Great. sore arms, butt and back within an hour. Sore neck. Plods pick on you. Insurance premiums through the roof.
    Learn to truly flog the crap out of something then move up. That will make you the better rider. Then it does not matter what you have between your legs. There will always be the next and best thing.
    I get a lot more of a grin biting at the heals of sports bikes on my gay Viffer than they do. And I am a lot comfier doing it.
  14. Well said mate.. I totally agree with you
  15. Very very true words!
  16. Or brilliant thinking on there behalf, depends how you look at it ;), Makes there bike very appealing for LAMS restricted people who want more power easily straight off there restrictions.
  17. Hey don't get me wrong. I have a Duc 998 and 525 KTM. Oldies but goodies. I just wont rego them. They have their place on the track and it saves me handing the gov a bundle a year for nothing.
  18. Well there is something I never knew!

    I got on a bike pre LAMS in Victoria, so never knew much about it all until I started reading a few threads on the forum. Sounds like the best idea is to buy a LAMS bike and learn to ride and then upgrade - can't see why you would want to de-LAMS a bike and spend 2 grand doing it.
  19. That's not exactly true, the Hyos can just be derestricted. You notify the RTA (In NSW) and Bobs you Mothers Brother, the issue is that you cannot reLAMS them...
  20. I got a Kawa Ninja 250R and having a blast learning on it since last May. Admittedly, I've out grown my bike after a few weeks and can't wait to upgrade to a bigger bike. However, I decided to stick with lower power bike to enhance my skills for later on.