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LAMS suggestion for very tall rider <$5000

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by GreatBigSimon, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. Hi all.

    I have recently obtained my L's and have very limited experience riding scooters but would really like to get a motorcycle for my first bike. I'm 6'7" and 120kgs and am looking for a LAMS bike on the used market that's fairly easy to get hold of. I've read previous threads similar to this and see that the Hyosung GT250R is unique in that it's a full sized 250 but there aren't that many of them available on the used market at the moment.

    There seem to be quite a few Kawasaki Ninja 250/300 or Honda CBRs on Gumtree in my area at any given time but I have no idea what direction I should be going in given my dimensions. I'm not really fussed about naked/sport/cruiser etc as long as it's a forgiving LAMS bike that I can fit on comfortably.

    At this point in time I'm not concerned about excessive speed, keeping up with traffic will do. I would like to be able to get to 110kph on the freeway when my license allows it.

    If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. Hi Simon, with your truly "great big" ergos you probably need to look at something in 650cc range. How about Suzuki VStrom 650 or Kawasaki Versys? The boys will chime in with more details, suggestions and opinions, but even for riding in town only you might find 250cc lacking a bit. Having said that, I know one very capable Hyo 250 Comet, she recently started taking her owner on some long distance rides. And boy she did well, as did her owner. Isn't it so RussellDPRussellDP?
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  3. Yeah I'd be aiming for something in the 600+ LAMS category and something with a good bit of suspension purely just from your ergonomics as Fr33dmFr33dm pointed out. At a minimum I'd suggest a 500. If you can, go sit on as many bikes as you can, get a feel for their riding positions and weights.

    Welcome to NR :cool:
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  4. Thanks Fr33dmFr33dm

    I have an 04 250 comet Gt that I picked up cheap, and it has been fine around town, longer distances are ok but you will find they lack power on the highway. Mines pretty much flat out pulling 8000 rpm in top gear, which equates to a little over 130 kph (in theory....never gone that fast as that would be illegal...)

    Riding position is pretty good. Im 6 foot 4 and about the 120kg mark myself.

    Started doing some distances on it recently and intend to do quite a few more trips. 800 ks in a weekend is becoing more normal for me.

    I have changed the front sprocket to change the cruise rpms down, added heated grips and done a heap of maintenance including an engine replacement. Shes a good little bike.

    That said....I'm lusting after either a Versys 650 or a Vstrom.
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  5. yep, good advice above... 500+ is the way to go, especially if you want to use it on the freeway.
    Other thing worth considering is the riding position, for beginners, slightly upright is better/easier to learn - Ninja 650, ER6 are upright. (not sure about the Honda / other makes - maybe someone can comment here)
    By comparison Ninja 300 is much lower compared to 650 and it's z300 non faired sibling - though I wouldn't recommend the 300 for you.
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  6. Thanks for the suggestions, I've sat on a V-strom and compared to many of the little 250's I've tried it's like sitting on a horse, it definitely matches my size. I've never looked into the Versys but I'll take a look into it. The only issue I would have with those bikes is if bikesales.com.au is anything to go off it wouldn't be possible to get a LAMS one for my $5k budget.

    The power thing is funny really, I've ridden my friends Piaggio Fly 150cc scooter a few times and it manages to keep up with local traffic without any problems (even though it's pretty much at full throttle the whole time) so given that I think a 250/300 may be acceptable as a first bike. If I can prove to the wife that riding is something that I actually want to keep doing beyond the learners phase I could spring for something in the $10k range for my second bike.

    There's a CBR500R at a dealer near me for $5k, I might go check that one out when I get a chance.
  7. The vertically challenged amongst us will have no sympathy for you and your six feet seven, you can straddle any bike at all with that height. Suzuki Drz400 is pretty tall for a learner bike I think? Mortard style... And those things are wheelie machines. No trouble round town even if you're a bit er... Fuller figured?
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  8. Thanks for that suggestion, there are 3 Comet 650 LAMS in NSW within my budget. They seem to fit the bill nicely, I'll add them to the shortlist.
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  9. A hyosung 250 has a gs500 frame; you probably won't fit easily. With a 37" inseam it barely fits me. A dizzer would work well; have one now and love the legroom.
  10. Yeah my cb400 is shooort, sometimes I worry my knees will hit the handlebars. I've rotated them a bit for max height and it's such a hoot around town, but long trips I much prefer the litre bike and it's leg room and ergos...
  11. Thanks, I'm new to all this.. What's a Dizzer?
  12. KLR650, DR650, DL650, BMW F650 (of it's current equivalent). Basically look at the 'dual sport' bikes.
  13. Dizzer is a Suzuki DRZ400
  14. Drz400 an "e" on the end for the dirtbike and "sm" for the factory super motard. An e with motard wheels is more versatile if you ever want to go adventuring.
  15. Here's one...


    Seat is nice and high, heaps of suspension travel, great little commuter/city bike.
  16. Thanks again for the suggestions. I like the dimensions of the DRZ400, especially the fact that there's no bulging fuel tank to speak of so I can actually tuck my legs into the bike like they tried to show me on the pre-learners course, which was never going to happen on the CBF125 I was doing it on.
  17. 6'7"..

    Wow..that's tall. Have you tried fitting into bike gear? Jacket, boots etc.

    And welcome to NR..
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  18. I've picked up a Dririder XXXL jacket at MCAS, seems to fit well. I don't have boots yet but thankfully my feet are only size 13 so it won't be hard to get boots off the shelf.
  19. Good point! I guess he is not the only one really tall bloke who rides bikes. Mick MMick M is 6'6" if I remember right, and he managed just fine
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  20. If the DRZ seems a bit small, try the DR650, I have one and it's got good height and I'm under 6 foot. You can pick them up second for a good price and they are mega popular so there'll always be parts and bling for them.
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