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LAMS sports tourer

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Epyx, May 31, 2008.

  1. I've searched a lot but I can't find a good answer to this question.

    The NSW LAMS list seems to contain a lot of old bikes, many of which don't appear to have made it into this country in any significant numbers.

    I've been riding a 250cc for a few months now, and I would like to now ride a suitable sports tourer if possible. Preferably a restricted bike that I can de-restrict when I'm ready.

    Am I right in saying that the Hyosung GT650S is about the only bike on the NSW list that fits that description?
  2. There's always the Honda Deauville (NTV) 650.
    It's not restricted though, just heavy (and therefore under the power/weight limit). Far better suited to touring than a Hyo though.
  3. The trouble is the new Deauville is a 700 pushing it out of LAMS...

    But the old is a good bet and unlike the hyo will actually get you to your destination...
  4. True, but we're still yet to see if the Victorian system will have a capacity limit - or if it has the ability to apply for a bike to be included which may allow the 700 onto the list (I don't think it's power/weight is all that different to the 650 version).
  5. Bikes on the lams list that are decent sports tourers are a bit thin on the ground.

    The Hyosung 650 and the Deauville have already been mentioned, another that works well for light touring is the full faired version of the GS500.

    It can be fitted with a ventura rack and a tank bag and makes an excellent 1 up tourer.

    If you're going to be touring with a pillion I'd go for the Deauville, it's heavier and it's got more room.

    Neither of those need to be restricted to meet the limit btw.

    If you don't mind an adventure tourer then there are some NTV650's around as well that will handle all road touring very well.
  6. Thanks guys. I spotted the Suzuki GS500 after I posted, so will short-list that. Deauville doesn't grab me, so I guess it will come down to the GT650S and the Suzi.

    Hopefully the updated VIC LAMS list won't have any unpleasant surprises.
  7. I've done a little bit of light touring on my full fairing gs500f (complete with soft panniers and a pillion bag) and found it a pretty good setup. The most I've done in a day was about 600km, no complaints about comfort or fuel economy. It has a pretty big tank and a tall 6th gear that sits at highway speeds no problem. The fairing does a good job of keeping wind fatigue down, the only minor issue is freezing hands when its cold/wet but I've been considering some heated handgrips to rectify that :)

    Economy wise it gets 300-350km off a tank on the highway, although I havent had a chance to test it fully loaded down with my tent and camping gear.

    Been dreaming about a decent sized trip this christmas, maybe Tassie or Melbourne - Adelaide via the GOR, and would be quite confident that the GS is a capable bike to do it on.
  8. Unfortunately, jd, the 700 Deauville is inelligable for LAMS both due to displacement and power/weight, by the narrowest of margins. 153kW/tonne, assuming a 90kg load.
  9. What bike are you currently on? Depending on what it is, the upgrade may not be worth it. A lot of 250's tour quite well.
    You could save some money until you have a full license then upgrade.
  10. so when your choosing a bike you take in the weight of the rider since im about 110 KG this cvould open some doors IF this is the case
  11. Unfortunately LAMS doesn't consider the actual rider's weight - there is an assumed weight of rider + fuel + oil + coolant used to calculate the power/weight ratio.