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LAMS Road bike recommendations? CBR,FZR,ZZR, etc.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by dodgey, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I'm after a LAMS approved bike that I won't tire of too quickly. Why don't bike shops help you select? They just throw you prices without being prepared so say one is worth $1,000 more because it has ....

    I am looking towards an FZR or CBR but I go into bike shops, one had an '87 FZR for $6,500 then said "but for that price we have a Hyosung 250".

    I've seen FZR and CBRs for 2 - 3000, I understand there may be some work in them, but in terms of reliability, punch and ease of learning on is there a bike anyone would recommend ... FZR, CBR, ZZR, just anything sportish.

    I've seen people who have bought the across and raved, but is it a comparable bike handling and performance wise, or is it just because it has storage and fuel lights to make the experience more convenient?
  2. Kawasaki ZX7R Ninja is a good sports to start off from :wink:
  3. Hi Dodgey,

    From what u've said I'm assuming ur after a 250.

    i know bike shops are usually a bit more expensive, but $6500 for an '87 FZR sounds way off. I got my '92 fzr600 for $3000 and had to put a couple of tyres on it, i think i may have changed the fork seals as well. The body is good and i wouldn't expect it to be worth any more than $4000.

    i've never ridden an fzr250, but if it's similar to the 600 in everything but power it's probably a good bike to learn on.

    as for an across, not a bad bike, but the power delivery is 0 below about 7,000 which can make it a biatch to learn on. the storage and fuel lights are a nice touch but the storage means you have to compromise with a smaller tank, which depending on the distances ur going to travel may or may not matter. the fuel light comes in handy because the fuel tap is in a bastard of a spot and you almost need to get off the bike to switch it over!

    again - never ridden the cbr or zzr versions, but have heard only good things about the zzr.

    good luck in finding the right bike! :grin:

  4. Firstly, LAMS approved bikes are technically not the ones you listed. LAMS really only applies to anything 251cc-660cc. All 250's bar the strokers (which are on the LAMS list as prohibited) are allowed to be ridden.

    Secondly, The ZZR is a great learners bike. Not quite as much 'go' as the CBR/FZR/ZX2R bikes but pretty darn close. There is certainly enough to get you in to trouble. They are also bullet-proof, provided you give them fresh oil regularily they will go forever. There is one that comes in to the local bike shop with 85, 000km on it and hasn't skipped a beat yet. Nothing but engine oil and fork oil changes.
  5. Josh is having a great run with his ZZR, I have to agree, but if you can buy a NEW Hyosung with warranty and all for the same money, why not get something that no-one else has been riding?

    Or better yet, can you afford to buy the LAMS Hyosung 650? Then you can keep it as a full 650 after your restrictions are up?
  6. +1 to that. If you can afford the a NEW hyosung then go for it as most mechanical problems should be covered under warranty AND no one else has ridden it so you know it hasn't had the life flogged out of it. The ZZR is a great bike albeit they are very expensive for what they are, brand new and near new examples anyhow. Value for money the hyosung wins hands down. $5999 for the GT250 Vs. $8990 for the ZZR-250