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NSW LAMS query (NSW)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Gluteus Maximus, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm new (though not young) so go easy.

    I've been scouring the search pages, but have been unable to find a specific answer to this question.

    Is the up to date LAMS list (on the RTA website) completely gospel, with no margin for error?

    I ask as I'm in the process of buying my first bike (upgrade from classic Lambrettas) and seem to have stumbled upon a little quandary with regards to specific information on the list.

    The bike in question is a 1988 Honda GB500. I have seen these advertised as LAMS bikes, and low and behold, they do (kind of) appear on the RTA LAMS list. The issue arises when on the LAMS list it states the GB500 as being from 1977. There was no such bike in 1977, so this is obviously a mistake.

    Though when i asked at the local RTA office, i was told, well it must be a different bike so can not be LAMS approved.

    Further confusion is added, because the bike was never officially sold here, so comes in as an import (more vagueness).

    If anyone has experienced a similar issue and could offer any advice I'd be much obliged?

  2. Is it currently registered in NSW - if so I think the rego label will actually indicate if it LAMS or not
  3. indeed, look at the label, if it says LAMS on it then you'd be ok :D
    (nb so I believe lol)
  4. Unregistered, so sadly no label.
  5. Does the bike in question have a build date of 1977? or 1978? (edit: sorry got dates mixed up!)

    Either way, you should be able to talk the RTA into it, ie the 1977 doesn't exist the LAMS list is wrong (please amend), or the 1977 is the same as 1988 & should be included (please amend).

    Edit: It looks like a typo on the lams list, you should be able to get it fixed.

    Good luck with it.
  6. Thanks.

    I've contacted the RTA to see if they can change it. They have forwarded my request on to the relevant party.

    I thought I'd investigate a little further and checked the LAMS lists for other states (will they be national soon?) and found that it (Honda GB500) didn't appear on the ACT list at all, whilst on the SA list, it is stated as again being from 1977, but this time 399cc, with the GB400 being '582cc'!

    I understand that there are a lot of bikes on the list and it would be difficult to audit, but it's not as though these Hondas are rocking horse poo. What have other owners in the LAMS category done for this? Scott’s (in Rockdale) have many of these bikes advertised as LAMS on their website, so it surely can't be wrong?
  7. Hi GM,
    Welcome in! :) I'll say up front I know absolutely nothing about these bikes, but was curious so had a little look around.
    Wiki has the predecessor to the GB500 being the XBR500, production in the 70s, and RTA LAMS list has the year for XBR500 as 1986-89.
    I'm wondering whether maybe they might have got the years mixed around (typo) between the models - just a thought.
  8. I test rode (and almost bought) one of their GB's on my L's, so I would hope so too! I should think that being a licensed dealer they wouldn't sell you a wolf in LAMS clothing...
    (See what I did there?)