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LAMS - Poll

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Dirrin, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Just wondering how many people ride a Lams (larger then 250cc) bike or did ride one on there L's ?

    As most of you know the Lams will come in to Vic soon and just wondering what is going to happen with resale of 250cc's i know ZXR250's CBR250's won't get effect much but other bikes like a VTR or the like

  2. i voted yes, because i choose a lams bike for my L's and P's but off restrictions now and the lams bike is gone

    if there is a price drop it won't be anything significant, only thing that might happen is the price on lams bikes will go up, as it is introduced across the remaining states
  3. Way back from my first riding days, started off on a 1000.
    However, did do my very inital training in a student park on a 125cc! :LOL:
    The enjoyment of that lasted about 5 hours.
  4. i sure am.
  5. LAMS is actually bad news for me, since I'm buying an Aprilia RS250. I'm glad it'll take them a while to implement it, or I'd be screwed. As it stands I'll still be on my Ps when they implement it, but I assume there'll be a grandfather clause.
  6. yea but what do u plan to do with your 250cc 2/s after you are off your P's? resale will have to go down for 2 strokes won't it
  7. yeah, I've been thinking it'll probably go down in value. Realistically though I'll probably keep it as a second bike and dedicate it to track use when I upgrade.
  8. Yep I'm in the same boat buying an RGV on Ls. The govt has very carefully avoided saying that there definitely will be a grandfather clause, however it would be pretty rude to tell me after i've been riding for 9 months, 'ah yeah.. you're going to have to downgrade now'.

    I have had the cunning plan of flogging the RGV off *just* before the restrictions come into place, to another learner :) Then they can have it while on restrictions. fun fun fun

    As you say though, it could be converted to a track bike.

    On a side note, I saw this dude on an RS250 along chapel st the other day on my way back from getting groceries, and it was peak hour traffic. I said to my mate, hey check it out, thats a cool bike, similar to mine. And the RS's do look really cool. But I was disappointed to discover that he passed us another 2 times, he was doing chap laps :( what a tosser, showing off his L plate
  9. Did you mean to only ask those in states where LAMS has been applicable?! A lot of NRs are Victorians so can only vote "no" coz they had no option :p
  10. Yeah, I can't imagine even VicRoads would be so daft as to tell people what they've riding is now illegal, and they have to go buy a different bike. In the automotive world of legislation, it seems like there's always the grandfather clause. If not, well… I'll burn that bridge when I come to it :grin:
  11. Why not. The guy might have JUST gotten his bike Ls. Do you remember the feeling of being out on the road on 2 wheels (for the first time???). He might have been VERY proud to on the road and able to "show off" his L plates to the world. Don't automatically toss them into a waste basket as a "chap lapper" and a tosser when all you did is see them riding down the street a couple/few times, even more so (proudly) displaying L plates. Let them have "their fun" :wink: :grin: I wonder how many times I get labeled each time I ride down chapel street (on my showoff bike :roll :grin) to my home as I live "2 streets away" from chapel st so it's sometimes my best/quickest route home. Can't say I've actually ridden down chapel street to only ride down chapel st, do laps and then head home, it'd be an awfully short time I'd be on the bike, a waste for bringing it out :LOL: