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Lams or not Lams

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Tomcatalex, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Passed my learners test and got myself a bike or was it the other way round, anyway road it round for around 6 months before going for my provisional course and most test. Anyway when I went to do the test my bike, which is on the learner LAMS list, but didn’t have it written on the rego paper or sticker, the guys didn’t want to let me do the course on the bike, I decided to rent a bike from them, costing around $150, but found out their bike was heaps lighter and easier to pass on anyway.
    However shouldn’t the bikes automatically have LAMS on the rego if they are on the list? The point is If I was pulled over by a cop who doesn’t know anything about bikes and saw me on L's with no LAMS on my rego, would he book me, is it my fault or the RTA's???

  2. Valid point I suppose, but as far as I know there's no provision on the rego for stating whether the bike is LAMS-approved or not. So in an unlikely case of a cop booking you here's what you should do: elect to have the matter heard in court, since you're clearly in the right. The cop will then have to prepare shitload of paperwork and appear in court which alone will waste him a day. He'll think twice before harassing anyone else again.
  3. Thats dumb.
    The RTA have a list of bikes on the LAM scheme - it is up to YOU to make sure you are riding one and to cross reference with that list before buying one.

    It's similar to turbo/v8 cars for people on their P's...."sorry officer I didn't know it was turbo!" - doesn't quite cut it if you get busted.

    So if you were to be pulled over and he suspected it wasn't a LAMS approved bike then your screwed because your bike isn't on the list and he was right.
  4. You managed to miss his point completely. His bike IS LAMS approved, his point was that information might be on the RTA's website but it isn't included on the rego. So unless the copper that stops him memorised the entire list of LAMS approved bikes (which I think we can all agree is unlikely), it could lead to an argument.
    I agree maybe this should be simply printed on rego papers - but it isn't. In the meantime, it isn't up to you to educate the cops about fine points of LAMS system; if they try to book you for an offence you didn't commit, the appropriate response is to smile, say 'thank you officer' - then give them a hard time about it by dragging their asses through the court system.
  5. My apologies!

    I did misread his post.

    Maybe print off the section of LAMS that has your bike on the list and keep it with you in case you get hassled.

    Why didn't the testers allow you to use your own bike??
  6. I'd be going to the RTA and trying to get a re-print of your rego. Print out the LAMs list and go wait in line for a while...
  7. I thought that was the case too... My rego label has LAMS written on it and so does my wifes.

    I would be doing as craign has suggested, take the rego papers into the RTA and get them to reprint it with the addition.