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LAMS MT07 or CBR500?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by S1L3NT, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone,
    This might be a lengthy post, i will try and keep it short however.

    I have narrowed my choices down to two, possibly 3 bikes. But more likely 2... These are in preference order:
    1- Yamaha MT-07
    2- CBR500R ABS
    3- Kawasaki ER-6NL

    I like the style of the MT-07, and the reviews seem good. Rider position good, light weight, etc. However, over the 3 is the only one without ABS which I am not sure I like... I realise this is a new feature and people live without it, but I assume it is a nice feature for a beginner to have. The 500 is a supersport style which I have always been a fan of. I also like the look of the Kawa in black :)

    My choices are more leaning towards 1 and 2 however.

    I am 6'6 - 6'7 tall (~2 metres) and weigh about 80-85kg. I will be commuting in the future once I am confident enough to ride the bike to work (45km each way, mix of highway and city riding). I am 23 at the moment, so not sure if I get to skip green P plates or not? I believe it is 25 (I turned 23 in July) at which point I would have green P for 1 year already (I have a full licence for my car). But I am sure that either of the bikes will keep me happy even after LAMS, at least for a while. I am located in NSW.

    Price wise, they are not a huge difference in Sydney. MT07 is $9990 Ride Away, Kawa about the same, the CBR is cheapest of the bunch and was quoted by a few shops around the $8900 mark. So cost is not a big factor here. I will be purchasing the bike new.

    I would like some opinions on the bikes, is it worth going non ABS, etc from more experienced riders.

    I will go and have a sit on the bikes this weekend to see what suits, but cant test ride them as I am going to do my pre-learners course this weekend, so no rider licence just yet...

    Thank you all in advance.
  2. Go check them out on cycleergo.com

    Get abs as a learner, if it saves you once it pays for itself and they resell for more
  3. The one im most interested (Yamaha) in doesnt have ABS version in Australia, as far as I understand... I hope I am wrong! Not much info as they are a recent release....
  4. Yep - no ABS version MT-07 in Aus
  5. As I thought, which is one reason I am slightly wary of going with the Yamaha.

    Also from cycleergo (thanks for that, forgot about that site!) I think the Yama might be best suited, it has the higher numbers in all aspects (less of an angle in hips/knees/elbows) but will have to sit on them to confirm i guess?
  6. I would be looking at bigger (taller) bikes. I'm 6'3" and my CB500x is just barely big enough, and that's with aftermarket foot pegs lowered 25mm. If you're 6'7" your knees will be farken sore after an hour or so on any of those bikes I reckon. As a newbie rider myself, I'd definitely endorse ABS.
  7. @S1L3NT@S1L3NT I have the CBR500R ABS version. I commute from Wollongong to Campbelltown everyday. It is fantastic, it is comfortable for me I am 5'11", power is more than enough for everyday riding. I had it on Eastern creek during the Advanced skills course and it was a blast! You can test ride one at Sydney City Motorcycles on Blaxland Rd. My advice would be ride all of the bikes you are looking to buy and get a feel for the differences and buy the one you like most.
  8. Thanks for your replies. Today I sat on the MT-07 and I must say... I loved it. I didnt test ride as I havn't got my licence yet. But I felt like I would like the riding position of it, it felt quite comfortable and seat height felt reasonably high. It felt like a larger bike that suited my height.

    I have not sat on the others yet, will do so this weekend. But I came very close to putting a deposit on the MT-07 today! I wish there was more reviews on the Australian version of it so I could get a better feel for it :(
  9. I would rather get a bike that was built that way from the start than a neutered bike as an afterthought to get it legal. The cbr is the clear winner.
  10. @S1L3NT@S1L3NT Just another bike that came to mind for me is the SV650. A friend of mine rides one and he is over 6' tall., it is a more sporty riding position that the MT-07 tho. Before you put down a deposit ride everything you can, that would be my advice!
  11. @Vertical C@Vertical C - Sorry I am unsure what you mean by the neutered bike comment? Or are you referring to Conorkc's comment on lowering the pegs?

    @Conorkc@Conorkc - That is the plan at this stage. Apparently the deposit is refundable, and I considered putting it down prior to a test ride because I figure being a new release they will go out of stock quickly. Assuming I pass my learners this weekend, and get the DKT done for my bike licence. Than I can test ride some bikes next week (probably the weekend more than during the week as I work full time). I have looked at the SV650, but it is a little more expensive than the yamaha, and I would like to try and keep the bike cost at a maximum of 10k on road. There is however a few bikes at the 10k mark that are nice, which makes the decision tougher :D
  12. Neutered bike is where it was built to make a cettain hp then a restricter was put on to get it under the legal limit of hp
  13. I dont think that the case with the Yama is it? Isnt the engine on the Australian version designed to be at a slightly less horse power without a rev limiter? I will have to find more information on this now....

    Pulled from the net (Yamaha Motor Australia facebook group):
    "The Australian MT-07 is not a restricted version of the model available in Europe. It is specifically built in Japan for the Australian LAMs market."
  14. I guess it depends on your definitions. If its the same weight, i doubt if its redesigned.
  15. Hmm, I will attach a link to this post for you. If your able to decipher anything from the link please let me know. I don't really want something with a rev limiter, that seems dangerous on the road.... All the reports apparently state that the engine is specifically designed for LAMS market, but don't state any restrictions put in place on the engine?

    Here is the link to the yamaha website:
  16. Its all marketing speak.

    I doubt if they built a new engine. They probably limited it with the ecu. Is that part of the engine....

    Maybe ride both of them.

    I wouldnt say a rev limiter is necessarily dangerous, all bikes have rev limiters
  17. Oh well I am aware that its probably done to reduce the horse power, which is fine... That wouldnt effect things to severely i dont think? I mean the rev limiter that blocks off at a certain rev range (much before red line) like on the Ninja 650RL for example. That to me, seems sort of dangerous in some situations.
  18. Hope I am not derailing, but I am looking at a new bike in the near future and considered a similar list but found the Honda, well, blah. I have always owned and ridden Honda bikes but they might as well paint them all beige now. Outside of going to a full sports, the rest, certainly the LAMS choices are so average.
    I am considering moving my brand loyalty to perhaps the Yamaha MT-07 or the MT-03 (the 07 won't be around Perth for another month or two) and outside of that, a low km or 659 Monster or maybe a Benelli.
    I look forward to seeing what you choose, so please update this once you have and what you find the choice to be like in real life.
  19. The Versys would probably fit the OP better than the ER6 -- just don't look at your reflection (not a pretty bike).
  20. @S1L3NT@S1L3NT sorry to say but you are going to do your green P's you have to be over 25 and on your full licence to escape that's. Also what you are referring to is not a rev limiter but a throttle restrictor, and in my opinion not at all dangerous. I would also suggest you look at the Yamaha XJ6N or FZ6R. I think they are of a similar price but I could be wrong in that area. I know a friend who just got an XJ6N for 9k ride away on low interest Yamaha finance.

    But as always go with what you love, nothing worse than a disappointed first bike.

    Happy Riding.