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Featured LAMs motorcycle

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by XxYanarixX, May 6, 2015.

  1. I'm 18 and have had my bike license for a year and a half. I have a 2007 Honda CBF250 and am now looking to upgrade bikes. Any bike suggestions for a P1 Female rider who prefers Naked style bikes?

  2. Er6n
    If you have no seat height issues.
  3. Triumph STR, should be what I'm going for after my VTR 250, when I've got some cash!
  4. The female bit doesn't matter, what matters is how confident you are and how tall you are.

    Here's some to think about
    MT07, SFV650 (I think that's what it's called - V Twin Suzuki), CB500, CB400, M659, ER6, STR.

    Also, don't limit yourself to one style, take the opportunity to test ride different styles and then buy the one you like the most.
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  5. All of the above but what is your budget?
  6. Ive been riding for around 12 months now with the Gladius <---- and I'm really impressed with how it goes. More than enough for a rider with not much riding experience.
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  7. A 2008 Suzuki SV 650 may suit you. Pick them up for around $5k in really good condition and low kms. And to upgrade their ECU once unrestricted only costs a couple of hundred dollars from the UK, auto remapping and only takes a couple of seconds. Copy the link address below for a better description of the bike.

  8. Yep, try the correct forum for such questions :)
  9. It's her first post, so it should be in the intro's thread.
  10. Welcome XxYanarixX. Why don't you introduce yourself in the Introduction Forum and tell us more about yourself. And hope you end up with the right bike for you.
  11. The Welcome forum isn't compulsory these days, it's ok for people to launch into a topic if they prefer although personally I think an intro first up is nice.
    The main thing we ask is that people browse the forums a bit and choose one that best matches their topic. That way overworked and underpaid moderators don't have to spend their beer time moving stuff around.
  12. #12 XxYanarixX, May 6, 2015
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    I'm not so worried about the budget yet, I'm just having a look to see what is good for me

    I've looked at them, I like them quite a lot

    Well my friend has a Suzuki GS650 And that's nice as well, I'm quite interested in Suzuki GS500's at the moment and some are sports tourers which I don't mind, sports tourers or naked's I'd prefer.

    Thanks :) I'll have a look at them

    My dad is giving me his Yamaha FJ1200 when I'm older and off lams
  13. Mt07 all day long
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  15. No worries, you'll get the hang of it. Also a neat trick that saves real estate, particularly on mobile devices, is to include multiple quotes in your replies. In other words you can answer several people in one post. Just click on the ""quote button of the posts you want to reply to then add your comments under each quote and post, presto.

    Have a look at how I merged your previous replies, that's what they will look like when you do it yourself.
  16. Isn't MT09 a bit too much to a newbie?
  17. CB400
  18. No the mt07 Lams is 52hp but the mt09 is non Lams 113hp
  19. Duke 390

    My wife loves it. Very easy to manoeuvre at low speed due to the low weight.
  20. If money is no issue, the Triumph street triple 660 is as good as you can get for a lams and has things like ABS.

    Or a sexy Italian, Ducati Monster 659 ABS