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LAMS landscape

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ibast, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. I was wondering why motorcyle imports haven't responded to the LAMS market as much as they could.

    So thinking in text, perhaps the importers occasionally tune in to netrider.

    To that end, what model bikes would you like to see come to Australia?

    What I'm after here are bikes that are potentially LAMS bikes.

    e.g SR400, CB400ss W400 and give the W650 another go maybe.

    any others.
  2. Yamaha MT-03 please. [-o< Although I don't think it'll meet LAMS standards.
  3. probably because there's only two states (and 1 of them has only had LAMS for a year) that actually HAVE LAMS.

    once it spreads around the country a bit I'm sure they'll respond accordingly

    Like bringing out a restricted version of lots of popular 600 bikes (e.g hornet) that you can get de-restricted once your probabtion period is over.
  4. It'd go close. It's about the same power/weight as the SRZ660 I think.
  5. I think 3. NSW, SA and Tassie. What's WA up too on this front? For some reason I think they are more liberal too. Maybe just for older riders.
  6. Well, Hyosung are already doing that, Ducati has the Monster, but no-one else has caught on.

    I can't understand why Suzuki haven't done a restricted version of the SV650. It has the same donk as the Hyosung 650's so there's no reason they couldn't just use the same system. It's bloody outrage it is... And Honda, don't start me on Honda, this year they decided it would be prudent to kneecap their only midsized LAMS bike, the Deauville, by upping the capacity to 700cc.
  7. Ducati have done the same as honda! Their new monster is too big to be LAMified!
  8. Too bad the Dayonta 675 is just beyond LAMS in terms of cc :p.
  9. It's prolly out of the P/W ratio range by just a smidgen as well... :LOL:
  10. If the XJR400 was sold here I'd buy one - though it doesn't really matter to me whether it's LAMs compliant or not. I also reckon the SV400 or GSR400 would probably be a better LAMs option for Suzuki than the old GS500.
  11. yeah it sucks that none of the others are joing in the LAMS brigade.

    But I guess they're more interested in making you buy at least two bikes from them in your lifetime than buying 1 bike to last you through restrictions & on to your open licence.
  12. Oh I don't know about that, Deauville benefits greatly from the bigger engine and perhaps LAMS don't really need a touring bike? But what Honda *should* do is bring in some of the models that are already around anyhow because they've always been available in Europe: CB500, CB600 ... there might be a couple of others.

    I wouldn't be suprised if Kawasaki came up with LAMS version of ER-6... that would be a natural match.
  13. I'm really suprised that Kawasaki have not already created restricted versions of the ER-6N/F. It seems natural that they would market these bikes to beginner riders who arn't looking to do the whole upgrade thing.