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LAMS Insurance?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pomm1e, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Hi all, Ive just passed my test and looking to get a new bike, been trying to get some insurance quotes online but im not having much luck as they keep saying my restricted licence in not compatible with the size of bike i want to insure, does anyone know anyone that will do insurance?

    Your help will be much appreciated!
  2. what bike you after? are you sure its on the LAMS list? what about ringing some to get a quote
  3. I wonder if the Insurance co's have "updated" thier web sites yet?
    ISCN may know the answer...
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  5. thanks for the replys, im thinking of gettin either a drz400sm or a yahaha xtz660, ill try ringing around some insurance companys but i was just wondering who anyone else is insured with?
  6. Hi mate I have a drz400e and I managed to get a quote through racv online. $3,500 or something ridiculous they wanted for full comp.
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  8. i've got full comp with AAMI they are very competitive and $500 a year versus around $1,500 were some of my other quotes
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  10. I don't see what I have said is rude. Very confused! Im just posting my experience. I suppose that is the quote I got because Its a dirt bike, my age & I am on my Ls. And I don't also know why you have highlighted me dropping my gloves? If you have seen a drz400 they are tall bikes & heavy. Very easy to drop
  11. hey MG, i know i need to ring up to get accurate quotes, but would one claim and two suspensions affect my premium much? im guessing u might have an idea. i was previously paying $650ish to AAMI, with one claim on a VTR250, full comp. just accrued the suspensions lol.

  12. crap. i'd PM you i wasnt banned from PM'ing :?
    mmm well theyre recent lol. just finished 6 months off as of 1st Sept, will be back on til 12th Oct, then got another 3 months off.
    i will be insuring as soon as those 3 mnoths are done, as i cannot wait to be back :)

    or robincarbery@hotmail.com

    dont do facebook, i dont reach the minimum age limit :p

    Cheers mate! :)