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LAMS in VIctoria?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Myestro, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Has an effort been made to introduce LAMS in Victoria? I found this report http://www.motor.net.au/VACC/Media/Submissions/Licensing Age Submission.pdf but don't know what the outcome was, this was written in 2003. Does anyone know if this was considered by VicRoads and what their reasons for not implenting it was? Do you think we try and reintroduce the idea seing as it's been a few years now?

  2. LAMS is a very hot and topical discussion taking place right now. In fact, VMAC had a meeting last week solely dedicated to the topic. I expect we'll getting some decisive or indicative information on LAMS sooner rather than later.
  3. Ummm, that's certainly an interesting read.

  4. I found this other site as well with the governments recommendations on a report which looks like was done back in in 1998. CHeck out chapter 3 (page 103) http://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/rsc/1998cycle/contents.htm#contents

    I think it's a poor excuse by the government, those people are thick. How can they not understand that engine size and power are not linear? It must be a prerequisite to be thick to be a politian.
  5. I was away for a while and missed this tread...

    There was a VMAC meeting dedicated specifically to the issue of LAMS. Neil O'Keefe (chair of VMAC) then met with the various government stakeholders such as Police and TAC to discuss it.

    Following a (surprisingly) good response on this, it came back to the normal VMAC meeting and will now go up to the Minister with a recommendation that it be implemented. How this will be done still needs some work and since there are costs involved for VicRoads, particularly for database changes and general systems changes, this still needs to be worked out.

    Generally though it's pretty positive and given it's a quick, easy (and relatively cheap) thing for the Government to do in an election year - at a time when they are under constant attack from riders and the motorcycle industry for doing nothing - my belief is that it will go through sooner rather than later.

    On VMAC issues generally -

    George Mavroyeni, the new General Manager (Road Safety) at VicRoads comes with a reputation as more motorcycle friendly than most - he came from being a Regional Manager SW Region and worked closely with Roger Northam on Great Ocean Road issues (Ulysses representative on VMAC and chair of Barwon Roadsafe).

    George appears to have a good understanding of motorcycle issues and no anti-bike prejudices. So far his behaviour and comments at a couple of meetings certainly back that up.

    The feeling on VMAC at the moment (with both the rider and industry reps - who also all ride) is that things are quite a bit more positive than in the past. The Victorian Motorcycle Road Safety Strategy is to be reviewed following a consultants report (The consultant was Liz De Rome who is also doing work for the AMC and MCCNSW) The draft project plan for the review presented to the last VMAC meeting addresses a lot of the shortcomings found in the current strategy and includes a lot of rider consultation.

    The forums in Traralgon, Horsham and Melbourne were considered to be worthwhile and there will probably be more of them in the future. A full report on the forums and their outcomes is being done and a copy will go to all the participants (well, at least those who left contact details) when it is completed. The forum outcomes will certainly assist in the strategy review.

  6. geez i sought of feel sorry for alot of 250 riders if it does come in, considering prices they paid and i would think alot of 250 would drop and therefore their owners are out of pocket. Don't get me wrong i support the new system, but just feel sorry for those with 250 when it does come in
  7. What a pack of lazy bastards.
    When people complain about them doing nothing isn't it more for when they make decisions that are against the safety of the riders. Like putting in meat mincers on the sides of our highways. Wouldn't it be cheaper to put gravel runoffs? Not only do gravel runoffs provide a safer means of stopping vehicles, they also remove the vehicles from the road saving other vehicles from further collisions.

    Changing legislation like this is just a way of looking busy. (I'm not against it, I just think it's busy-work)
  8. It hasn't made a lot of difference to the price of 250's in NSW. If you have a look on bikesales.com.au or bikepoint.com.au you won't find much difference in the prices between Victoria & NSW.

  9. Are you sure you've posted in the right thread??? :roll:
  10. yeah, looks to me as if all its done is generate a whole bunch of more expensive bikes :p

    with exception to the 2 smokers, i dont think you'll find too much, if any price drop. the smokers will be hard to sell tho i'd assume... noisy, unreliable, uneconomic and no longer learner legal = cheap track bikes :LOL:

    be good to see vic make a positive move for a change, still wont hold my breath tho :roll:
  11. Not only are you sure you posted to the right thread, have you actually thought through the comment. Safety barriers (attmittedly more so for cars) are a positive trap for vehicles ie they dont go through them to hit on coming vehicles (including motorbikes) or roadside furniture. Gravel runoffs (?) are just that, places to park and recover from a monor moment.
  12. Oh ok... yeah i never checked i just assumed, with a bigger selection of bikes, and new ones too that alot of the clapped out old 250 that are here in melb woul drop. Well hopefully it' just gets rid of th ereal shitters and improves everyone safety :)
  13. Well, the sticker price on the 250 Virago (new) dropped $2000 across Australia once LAMS was introduced in NSW.
  14. Virago's once cost $7000 :shock: News to me!

    Who would pay that much? they are okay bikes, but not justifiably $7000 bikes.

    Edit: Just checked redbook out of curiosity. XV250 virago's never costed (sp?) more than $6000, same price they are listed at now- 2006 model for $5999.

    Although, rather pleasingly, they haven't gone up with inflation either. A 1989 XV250 cost $4389, less than you'd expect with inflation I bet.

    Perhaps you were talking about the XVS250 V-Star? Which costs $8299 today, so obviously hasn't dropped in price

    I beleive your facts are erronious :wink:
  15. I got the alleged "fact" from an advertisement in two wheels when LAMS was first introduced. I guess it could've been the v-star.

    I'd look it up to confirm, but I don't particularly care enough to bother.
  16. Introducing LAMS in Victoria would be a step in the right direction. Now, would it be too much to ask for them to adopt the same rules as NSW, rather than making up their own? It would certainly help everyone concerned (especially dealers and importers, which in turn helps us, the customers) if the standards were uniform across the board.
  17. Sorry? You're suggesting that state governments should work together and come up with some kind of universal regulations across more than one state??

    Tell him he's dreaming...
  18. Yes, I know this might cause a rift in time-space continuum.... but I think it would be worth the risk :)
  19. One of the arguments we've used for advocating it is to make the laws consistent across states. :p
  20. Just so long as we don't also pick up NSW's dangerous L and P plate speed limits, or or QLD's rather eccentric laws abut L platers carrying pillions.