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LAMS in Victoria...... when, when, when??

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Crazy1, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. Gday everyone, this is my first post. I am hoping to get a bike very soon, but I had a question which I hope hasn't been talked about before.. :roll:
    Is there any pressure currently on VicRoads to reconsider their stance on LAMS in Victoria?
    The only info I could find through Google was a parliamentary discussion in 2002-2003 which came to the conclusion that the topic needed more research but nothing seems to have happened.
    I like the Hyosung GT250R but would prefer to get a restricted GT650R and then have the simple "upgrade after a year".....
    Can Anyone help?
    Thanks :D

  2. Ah yes , Victoria , the catch up state . Welcome Crazy1 .
  3. It's something the MRA (and others) are working on but no time frame that can be easily defined as to when/if they come in.

    We have a copy of the proposal SA used to get them and working along similar lines.
  4. thanks for the info mickdundee!
  5. I have a reply some time back from VicRoads which said that they were examining the results of the NSW "experiment".

    As yet, no word on it.
  6. How long does something have to be in place before it is no longer deemed an experiment?

    Welcome to the state of perplexity, crazy1, but also the best little forum going; enjoy.
  7. No Way! Boycott LAMS! LAMS baaaaaaad!

    I would prefer to hear silence of the LAMS.

    At least until I offload Cheng's 2fiddy.
  8. Never know... by the time i get a bike i might be able to bypass the 250's completely..... do honda make a big VTR250??? or a larger vtwin naked thats not a cruiser?

    vfr800 looks nice though...
  9. yeah at least wait until I need to sell the Spada.
  10. When's that???
  11. Simple solution Crazy1, move to Sydney...
  12. yes, like LAMS to the slaughter :LOL:
  13. I can't stand Melbourne.... Sydey is just insane!!
  14. Firestorm, VTR1000. The fattest thing on two wheel IMHO.

    Looking for a mid-range V-Twin (not 1000cc)? The Suzu SV650 looks pretty bloody good at the moment... I think they might also be LAMS approved...
  15. personally I think that the usual VicRoads response is just trying to pull the wool over our eyes... :LOL:
  16. Tony, that is shear stupidity
  17. Saw the Suzi.... looks nice.....

    good thing i'm getting a pay rise at Chrissy.... might finally be able to get a bike.
  18. I'm sure ewe know all about that Paul... :p
  19. Serously is this happening in the next 2 to 3 months ?

    Has anybody got a straight answer from Vicroads ?

    I would really like to know becasue I (like every one else) donot want to frok out $6000 approx for a VTR250 if I can get something a bit nicer.

  20. bet Sumoto and co are dreading the day learners cat tell em where to go.

    Always the way though.... "Victoria... on the move"..... Backwards.