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LAMS in VICTORIA...Mature Aged Rider

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by hadsom, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. I note that in NSW a mature aged rider (30+) can go straight from learner to unrestriced licence.

    Does this mean they are not restricted to a LAMS approved bike once they have finished their learner period?

    Does anybody have any info. on whether this may come in in Victoria?

    I know LAMS is possibly 7 months away but it will affect my next bike purchase. It's not that I want to go straight to a 1000cc bike but the bike I am considering is not going to be learner approved and I am over 30 so would mean getting to the bike I want next quicker if I were to become unrestricted quicker.

    I am assuming they won't bring it in. I don't think SA or TAS did from what I have read.
  2. I know that, in Victoria at least, I can go from learner to full license after being on it for three months (and completed a probationary period in some form -- in my case on a car).

    However, there are restrictions which exist for the first year of the full license, namely no pillion and no 150kw/tonne+ bikes.
  3. You are correct. If you have held a full drivers licence for over 5 years, and are over 30 yo, you will get an unrestricted bike licence once you complete the MOST. However you still cannot carry a pillion for 12 months.
  4. Sorry can I just confirm something....

    I am 33, I have had a full car license for 10 years.
    I have done my three months on L's and a 250 does this mean I didn't have to stay on a 250 for the 12 month probationary stage and could have gone straight to a bigger bike?
  5. If you hold a 'gold' licence and pass your MOST you can go straight to a big bike, just no pillion.

  6. I thought that when LAMS was introduced it would be based on NSW?

    But I gather the Mature rider exemption isn't exactly a part of their LAMS laws. As in the types of bikes that are recommended, but rather is just part of their general licensing laws.

    It doesn't seem to have been picked up in SA or TAS.

    Anybody here in the know?

    Or a friend of a friend of a neighbour whose dog bit someone who works in Vicroads?

    The Trumpy I desire would be just that little bit closer with an old fart (I mean mature rider) rule!
  7. I can't seem to find anything on the VicRoads website to confirm this thread...

    Also, what is "MOST" and what is a "gold" license? :)

    p.s. I get my full license shortly after I turn 30 so it's not really going to make much difference but it would be nice to be able to test ride a STriple before putting down a deposit. :cool:
  8. Short answer - No. It has not even been contemplated.
  9. To my knowledge the MOST test is only available in NSW (http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/tests/most/index.html)
  10. NSW has a set of licences. If you have held one for 10 years or more with a good driving record you are given a gold licence status.

    So if you are over thirty years old, hold a gold licence status and sit the full motorcycle licence test (MOST) after your L's.

    You will get a full unrestricted motorcycle licence with only pillion restrictions for 12 months.
  11. So your previous comments relate to NSW only?
  12. OK
    Now if you have held a full VICTORIAN car license you are still restricted to a 250cc bike and no pillion during the first year of obtaining a motorcycle license but you do not have to display p plates.
    After the 12 months probationary period then its open slather.
    Victoria is considering LAMs but currently do not have them.
    I really get annoyed when the wrong legal advice is given to people.
    We dont have GOLD licenses or MOST testing in Victoria.
    Best you consult the vicroads website and your learners handbook rather than rely on scientists.
  13. Something to consider is that preliminary stuff out of the Enhanced Crash Investigation Project that has been running this year in Victoria is that people riding bikes of a capacity that they are not licensed for do appear to be over represented in crashes.

    It is a purely personal view here but I would expect to see penalties for riding "under-licensed" drastically increased concurrent with the introduction of LAMS, especially since the excuses for riding a larger capacity bike should disappear (physical size, distance riding etc. etc).
  14. This is only for NSW. I believe that QLD has a similar system through Q-ride.

    All you need to do is find a freind in NSW, get a letter that states you are a resident and sit the MOST.

    After three months, transfer your licence back to Vic, you will have a full unrestricted motorcycle licence.
  15. Well, I doubt that the sample size and volunteers they used would prescribe a large enough population group to determine any estimates.

    Very limited project

    http://www.roadsafe.org.au/media/ECI project FAQ.pdf

    They only samples 81 accidents (a majority, or nearly all would have been cars, so maybe 10 bikes accidents) :roll:
  16. The motorcycle ECI came out of that and was funded separately by VMAC. Results will not be presented until next year and, yes, limited figures because of small numbers but still sufficient to see some common factors emerging.