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LAMS in Vic in July 08

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jimmythehuman, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. I spoke to Dave at Baylink today and he said LAMS is here in Vic in July 08 (i guess after June 30?)

    He said he wasnt sure but that it would mean 400cc would be the limit in Dirtbikes?

    I wanna buy a Husqvarna TE450 new - based opn what folks already know about lams, would this bike be acceptable for P plater?


    If riding in trails when stopped by the cops you think they would care so much about the power, or as long as you road reg and licensed you should be ok?

    I am not interested in riding on the road, only fire trails and bush/overland tracks.

    Appreciate any thoughts :)
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  3. WOOHOOO!!!

    Thanks so Much for that :)
  4. The Minister has set an absolute deadline of July for VicRoads to implement LAMS - it may even happen earlier but don't hold your breath. It will probably be the NSW guidelines (why reinvent the wheel).

    It is now starting to look as if all States will eventually go for the LAMS model - which might see one national list produced for all states (but again, don't hold your breath) :roll:
  5. Sounds good, I am loking at getting a little Kwaka 110 for the rug rat and a DRZ400 or KTM 300 if the budget allows for myself. :grin:

    Jimmy depends on the cop and how you are blasting about. I got pulled over in NSW on a F650 in the bush and was told "OK mate keep it down I am after the little toerags on MX bikes with no pipes". But as I said some cops will be OK and some not.

    Have you thought about rec reg? I don't know much about it but could be a money saver???
  6. Nope. The police that do this sort of work will ping you for whatever they can, including riding a bike that's oversize. I've seen it happen to a few guys over the past ten or so years.
  7. Hi MJ, maybe I was lucky in NSW?? Well thinking back the F650 is LAMs so maybe that's why?? :grin: