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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Fluffy Bunny Feet, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. Has anyone heard about LAMS coming to SA after November 14th?

    Apparantly any L or R-Date license obtained before the 14th can either ride anything on the LAMS list after the 14th or any 250 still

    any license obtained after can only ride LAMS approved bikes...
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  3. Read a bit of the rules and found this snippet which has me a bit puzzled.

    Quote - "The driver who accompanies a
    learner driver must, at any time the
    learner is driving the vehicle
    (including during parking
    practice), be seated immediately
    next to the learner or, if the
    vehicle is a motor bike, be a
    passenger on the bike or in a
    sidecar attached to the bike" End Quote.

    Me thinks learners may not carry a pillion. Also doubt if learners is permitted to drive a sidecar anyway.

  4. Strange - the handbook says that a list of LAMS approved bikes is available from "the website" or a customer service center. I had a hunt around on the website (and google) but can't find anything. Maybe you are right and it is coming in soon. I assume they will just copy the NSW list anyway.

    I wonder if Vic is next? (though I maintain that the chances of Bracks introducing something which allows learners to ride larger capacity bikes are somewhere between Buckleys and none)
  5. I know Learners here can carry a pillion if

    A) The person is a full licensed rider


    8) The person is completely insane
  6. You sure?

    Must be the only state to allow a learner to carry pillion. Here you are not allowed to carry pillion while on P never mind L.

    Wonder what would happen if your learner drove into Vic with a pillion? First cop would have his jaw on the ground seeing a bike go past with an L or a P on it an 2 up. He'd wear his pen out writing him up.

    Tell you what though, I reckon you should have to do a riding test to carry pillion. Shouldnt be up to the driver.
  7. In QLD it is the same as far as I can remember - a fully licenced rider (held for more than 2 years) could go as pillion with a learner.

    BTW, learners in QLD aren't allowed to ride by themselves - must have a fully licenced rider riding with them or as pillion. A major reason for this is that there is no practical test to get your L's, just a written test.

    Would be hard if you didn't have anyone to teach you, you'd have to shell out for lessons. The Q-Ride licencing makes up for it in a way I suppose.
  8. I got a response back from VicRoads some time ago when I wrote to them over the MUARC training garbage. They said that they were waiting on the "official" release of the NSW results before considering it. They are "unoffically" looking at ithem at present. What feedback I've had is that it will happen...eventually :roll:

  9. Have you ever heard a better recommendation for doing away with the states? What more do they need to know in order to make a decision???
  10. Yeah L platers can carry full licensed insane riders as pillion in SA. P platers or R-date (restricted) riders can carry anybody as pillion. I think our drivers are governed by our conditions when interstate but im not totally sure...

    Would be kinda funny riding to Vic and get to the border to have a cop tell you your mate on the back has to walk the rest of the way to Melbourne :p
  11. no... just swap places (he has to be fully licenced after all!) and he can carry you as the pillion.

  12. Nah on our P's (or R-date) we can carry any pillion not just licensed... Thats only for L's
  13. I just got a reply from the Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure (Rider Safe) in regards to LAMS. It will be coming into effect from November 14 but riders licenced after November 14 are not restricted to bikes on the LAMS list. Restricted riders are able to ride any 250cc or less bike as well as anything on the LAMS list. The exceptions to the 250cc bikes available to restricted riders are:

    Suzuki RGV250
    Kawasaki KR250 (KR1 and KR2 Models)
    Honda NSR250
    Yamaha TZR250
    Aprilia RS250

    More information is available at www.dtei.sa.gov.au
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  15. Is someone SERIOUSLY going to learn on a post-war Douglas?????

    They HAVE to be kidding, the Yamaha RD-400 IS on the list..........
  16. Is this not the same list as NSW???
  17. I havn't seen the NSW list so im not sure.