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LAMS Hornet 900

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by N*A*M, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Thanks to VicRoads, I now have the first LAMS approved Hornet 900 hahahaha

    I told the guy the system made a mistake but he said he wasn't going to argue with it.

    Crap phone pic sorry

  2. holly mother farker......why wasn't this around when i had to serve my jail time :eek: wonder what the legal stance if you were a learner caught riding it? :?
  3. Haha dude that is ten different kinds of awesome. That oughtta bump up your resale!
  4. Into the museum it goes.
  5. Bwahahahaha

    I opened this thread thinking, what a clown. Probably the victim of an unscrupulous seller or salesman.

    Does that actually give learners the ability to ride it legally? I wonder if a rego transfer would see the error fixed up.

    Also, insurance probably won't take to it as kindly as the cops would. But I can see the ability to blame the problem on Vicroads.

    All in all, nice work. I gotta see if I can get an R1 learner legal.
  6. So..... how much do you want for your hornet....? hehe
  7. great for the resale mate,

    seems like theyre making a few mistakes with Lams eh? i was supprised when my 779cc tard was listed...but im definetly not gonna ring em up and tell them :cool:
  8. A learner could ride this bike. Legally. Vicroads have approved it as a LAMS bike.
    It may be picked up later and rectified.

    What insurance problem? (If he can get it insured in the first place that is. ) He is legally riding an approved bike. End of story.

    Vicpol can similarly go get knotted. He is as I said above legally riding an approved bike.
  9. stick it on ebay, some desperate fcuker will pay at least 15 grand for it.
  10. I already asked him how much he wants but he didn't answer me :(
  11. Mmmm will need to stick some full fairings and some RR stickers on it, then sure :LOL: