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Lams FZ6R exhaust mod?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by k28, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. Hey there.

    I'm new to riding on the FZ6R and was considering installing a two brothers exhaust. I know it seems kind of a waste for a Lams bike, though I guess I;ll be stuck with this bike till full licence.

    However there isn't much info on the net about whether modifying the exhuast on a lams bike is legal or not. A friend of mine pointed out while riding around Sydney if drivers cant hear you coming on your bike they wont even bother look out for you.

    There's no problem with the FZ6R as it is.. But the louder exhaust seems more like a safety thing.

    Can anyone shed some light on whether its legal in NSW?
  2. just put an Arrow slip on, onto my Kawa 650RL..........
    easy enough to do at home; easy to take the DB killer out of it too.......
    AWESOME SOUND.........should put up some pics of my bike on .
    BTW you can find most things demo'd on youtube, as I did. :)
  3. Definitely worth doing. My hyo now sounds awesome. Just dont over-invest. (ie. over $500)

    And your friend telling you that drivers dont look definitely doesnt match my experiences.
    Pretty much the day after I put my exhaust on someone start to pull over and they heard my exhaust, looked and went back into their own lane. People don't NOT look if they hear something loud coming.