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LAMS fud [VIC]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by thetramp64, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Was talking to a local dealer here today who tells me that a certain major manufacturor, has been told (according to the rep) that Vicroads are not happy about allowing some bikes onto LAMS and are looking at ways to stop them.
    Mainly fuel injected bikes I gather.
    Same dealer tells me that the same manufacturer has been told that Vicroads will not allow these bikes to be unrestricted.

    Now this is contrary to my understanding of the scheme.
    Could our esteemed Vicroads contact clarify this once and for all?
    If it's true we have a problem and if it's not the manufacturer needs (and will get) a nasty letter about his reps spreading FUD.

  2. it's been back/forth all over SA as well, mainly with suzuki.
  3. Re: LAMS FUD

    I haven't heard anything about this at all...

    I'll follow up on it.

    PM me with any further details if you can.
  4. Unfortunately manufacturers generally get there way, hence the reforms to the vehicle import scheme brought on by Toyota's whining.
  5. Better the manufacturers than the bereauspastics.
  6. Why? It's now worse because of Toyota
  7. Vicroads website has


    So obviously if you derestrict it, it is no longer LAMS.

    Vicroads are quite able to block ANY bike from the LAMS list
    just because they feel it is an inappropriate bike for a learner.
    Vicroads do NOT have to prove power/weight or anything else if they
    want to block a bike:

  8. I've sent off a query and I'll post here when I get a response.

    There were bikes excluded from the initial LAMS at the request of the manufacturers - because they felt that they were inappropriate for learners. I believe they were off-road oriented bikes with extreme powerbands and very close to the cut off ratio.
  9. Hotcam, I read this to mean, that after the license restriction period is complete, the LAMS bike wont be able to be de-restricted? Which is a part of their attraction in the first place.
  11. With the Hyosung 650 LAMS models, they have an altered carb slide that is swapped over when derestricted, then the bike is no longer LAMS, it is a full power version & cannot be re restricted & registered as LAMS approved.

    As far as I know it is still applicable...

    Which bikes in particular are you talking about?
  12. I believe it would have to be the suzies. The guys at the suzy stand at the Expo, was voicing a concern re something very similar line to the OP.
  13. Oh ok, now I get what your question was.
    Vicroads will not stop you from doing this. In order to keep everything
    straight with them, you would fill out a notice of modification or similar,
    they remove the "LAMS" mark from the rego, and you're all set.
  14. except nobody from vicroads seems to be willing to put that on paper, is the issue i think?