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LAMS...err unrestricted GT650r

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by yeders, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. Hi All,

    I just bought a GT650r, and it has been unrestricted by the previous owner (they did it themselves), registered in SA, and is known by SA roads that it is still restricted.

    Now, I'm on my L's so I need to get this bike re-restricted. How do I go about doing so, or should I not bother? How does the bike get detected as being restricted or unrestricted? Can coppers tell if they pull me over?

    It is due for rego in about 5 months time, its an 07 model, will it need to have an inspection done? and can it then can it be marked on the NSW system as unrestricted and hence illegal for me to ride?

    Thanks in advanced.
  2. The only why a cop can tell its been de- resticted is if YOU tell him. :wink:

    Cop pulls you up and see's your on your L's ,most cops by now should know that the full size sports bike with 650cc on the side ,its a special model.
    Tell them to check the rego sticker ,it has a letter on it .."I think" its the letter ..R.. ,it means it resticted ,he can't tell its not ,unless you tell him or he gets out a tool kit and pulls the motor apart. :wink:

    If the SA rta think its in ,learner mod ,then the NSW rta won't know any different ,even the local service station where you get your rego done won't know either unless he rides it ,which they don't ... or if he pulls the motor apart ,which they don't .

    Only down side to this ,is IF you smash into someone or hurt some one ,them you "might" get caught IF they ever checked to see if you de-restricted it your self ..then you could be in the shit money wise no insurance for if you hurt someone then you could be in BIG SHIT.
    Don't mean to worry you ,but it could happen.

    You should still have the original sliders ?? if you don't get them go to a small mechanic bike shop and get them put back in ,large shops won't want to be apart of it.

    If you got a mate with a bit of tool skills ,its not hard to do.

    Google ...KORIDER ... lots of hyosung info.
  3. haha! awesome advice :p

    Good stuff, mum's bf is a bike mechanic. So that shouldn't be a problem.

    I'll probably source some restricted slides from somewhere, should do the right thing.... :-w

    Thanks for the reply :)
  4. When I bought mine I asked about what happens if you're in an acco. The sales guy said they never check (or at least not in his experience) as it requires actual mechanical knowledge and the assessors are not mechanics. Still, I'd think it would be common knowledge for insurance assessors that the GT650R can be de-restricted easily and thus they'd check all Learner registered wrecks. $100 to check if it's been done would potentially save them nearly $10,000 in cost for a total write-off of a new GT.
  5. I do not understand why you'd want to re-restrict it? fcuk that, you'll get bored of the lack of power in no time.
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