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LAMS Ducati?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mattatnoosa, May 20, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just got my L's and about to do my Qride (im in QLD), and was thinking about a ninja 250r or even the 650 but I would really like a ducati, I was wondering if there are any nice ones that are Lams approved?


  2. Don't forget the mystery new ducati that is being advertised as lams.

    If you can wait, that is.
  3. yea but i believe its $13k, prefer something 8k or less
  4. Ducati Monster Dark 600 is LAMs approved.
  5. Hope your good friends with John. Ducati are the Duc's guts. But parts are pretty bloody dear. New mirror for mine was $257.00
    Get the Ninja till you are up to a decent level then buy a real Ducati.
  6. There was a write up in the Herald sun a few weeks back about the new Lams Duc. iirc non abs was $12990 and abs was $13990. They looked nice but i cant remember if they were 600 or 650s though
  7. ^

    And I can confirm that it makes for a hell of a first bike. Sits just 1kw under the LAMS power/weight ratio limit, so it'll cruise and overtake comfortably on the freeway, they sound amazing, look gorgeous and are really nice handling machines.

    Steering lock is limited, which can make manoeuvring for parking a bit of a pain, but it's not something you'd ever notice whilst moving.
  8. Don't waste your money on a Ducati 400 Monster they're all Jap imports. Find yourself a 600 monster as it will also fit into your budget. Some parts can be expensive, but I just bought a rear light break switch yesterday and it was $40 at the local Duc dealer.
    Mine will be for sale shortly also 8-[
  9. My M620ie dark LAMS has been the best to learn on. East to ride. PM me if interested. Great bike.

    As mentioned, the M400's are grey imports. Many are made up of parts from different M400's, with the remaining bits binned. Don't touch them.