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LAMS cruiser for a newbie

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by NathansIntruder, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,
    I have a naked Honda CBF250, its doing 7000 rpm at 100kph. I would like a LAMS cruiser instead that will be revving lower at high speed. Any suggestions/comments/experience?
    Thanks, Nathan

  2. Get a Yamaha XVS650
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  3. Hyosung gv650
  4. Persevere with the 250 and do you RE penance as no matter what you change to you will want upgrade to a more powerful bike once you move up a licence class. I had the Honda Shadow 400 which was a nice bike but slower than my MX bike but it’s the price we have to pay for not getting a bike licence when there were no restrictions. I you must change over the only real choices are the Yamaha 650 (carby) Honda Shadow 400 (fuel injected ) the Harley street (laughable) and the Hyosung cruiser ( don’t do it man).
  5. How long before you expect to be free of any restrictions, other than financial?
  6. Actually it's not too much different on an XVS650.
    You feel like it's revving too high at 110 and keep looking for another gear.

    I don't know if the Boulevarde's are any better, but test ride as many as you can.
  7. The Boulie does not come in a Lams version, I had the 400 Shadow and does not have a taco but working pretty hard at at 110 but could do it all day, it topped out at 140.
  8. The S40 is a Lams approved cruiser.
    400cc belt drive.
  9. just over 12 months...
    not going to want a super powerful bike ever - trying to be responsible so im still around for my kids and wife!
  10. not likely to get a gv650...
  11. You don't have to get a super bike but if you wait the 12 months you can get a 750 or 800 or even a 900 which you will most likely be happy for years
  12. It's the most powerful Lams cruiser there is
  13. Also the most unreliable
  14. If the XVS 650 is as fun as the 250 - and why wouldn't it be? - I'd go that for sure. My 250 lacks the extra power - BUT looks after me supreme. My idiot brain gearing down instead of up and shit like that is forgiven. The ride is brilliant and for a learner, it will look after you as long as you look after it. Go and test ride one or two.
  15. The S40 is actually 650cc and the reviews are favourable. If you like thumpers, apparently it's a blast to ride.
  16. 650cm3 or 400"3 ( cubic inches)
    As it's belt drive it probably has more go than the Yamaha, but it's only a 10l tank which might make its range crap.
    The XVS will normally do 250 to 300 km per tank.
  17. thanks for the input guys!
  18. EDIT: I just realised I posted something guys above have already corrected a few times so I've removed the comment.

    Will add though that I've test ridden the XVS650 and S40 and I'd have taken the S40. I liked how small it felt and loved the big thumper's torque. The extra rake angle of the forks lokos sweet and there are some fantastic custom jobs on the net.

    The XVS650 is a great bike, but not for me. If I was to get what I deem a larger bike like the XVS, I'd wait until off LAMS and get a 1200 cruiser.
  19. I started on a XVS650 and then moved up to an XVS1100 when my partner decided she wouldn't get her license yet.
    It's like the 650 with an extra gear.