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Lams Cruiser choices.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by kehewasqoi, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm new here and would like some feedback on my Bike options. I just got my "L"s and would like to get a cruiser style bike. I'm 6ft 1 and medium build. I've seen some bikes online and have narrowed my choices down to 2. The Yamaha XVS650 Classic and the Hyosung Aquila GV650. I have read some mixed reviews for both but would love your feedback. Ultimately I do know that I'll need to try them both out to see which is more suitable, but I'm also concerned about the quality of the bikes, which I would only find out after I have owned the bike.
    I am more inclined towards the design of the Aquila Gv650. But please let me know if any of you out there have had issues with the Hyosung. Thanks guys.
  2. I am 6' had the 02 Yamaha Classic, great bike! You dont have a choice, you only named one real bike so far and thats the Yamaha!! bullet proof, easy to maintain, very reliable. just find the right color you like and buy one!!
  3. +1 to that! You can go for Torino's & Hunter Spyder's etc, but these tend to be 'Chinese import' type bikes which flood the Aussie market these days. Very highly priced for what they are & for the same money you could buy an XVS650. Probably very good bikes, but I'd go for the XVS650 simply coz it is a trusted & known brand!
  4. Also the Yamaha has 'history' for reliability.
    I had an '09 XVS 650 Custom, never let me down.
  5. I happen think the Hyo cruiser is a beautiful bike and the more powerful of the two mentioned. (its the sports bike version in a disguise). However all that chrome is just fancy plastic which doesn't last very well.

    I know several people that have the Yamaha and none of them have ever had any problems with them.

    If I had to buy one, I'd get the Yamaha.
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    I've had a Yamaha XVS650 Classic for 5 months and love it. The bike hasn't missed a beat. There is also a big range of mods available if you want some DIY projects (buying online from the US is cheapest).
  7. you could almost be 100% certain the Yamaha won't give you any problems and will serve you well. I'd go with it over the others.
  8. Hey mate, yeah i have been looking at the exact same bikes and are finding it hard to choose between them, i am taking both for a ride within the next couple of weeks and will let u know of my findings of both, i defiantly like the Hyo more in the looks department but you cant help but listen to these die hard Yami fans in the terms of plently of readily avaliable parts and a bit of a proven track record with their bikes. Take them for a spin and see how you feel.

    Happy Hunting
  9. shaft driven FTW.....................I had the same two bikes on the first bike wish list. I eventually ended up with a Yami, it has that classic cruiser look, people think your riding a cool looking harley :)................without the Harley price or reliability.
  10. I'd go for the Yamaha without question.
  11. don't forget with the Yamaha you always have the option of using the vast after market suppliers to tart it up. There is no end to what you can do to the XVS650 to make it look pretty.
  12. Hey I was tossing up between the same two and just got myself a Hysoung GV650 Aquilla Classic - it's an ex demo model, had 50 kays on the clock and got it for a bargain so it came to down to price for me. Only had her for a couple of days but she's a beautiful bike, still breaking her in so haven't ridden too hard yet but am grinning like a kid at christmas everytime I get on her. With two years unlimited k's warranty that covers parts and labour I'm confident I will be fine although it was a gamble as I'd read plenty of reviews on the Hyosung build quality and the shit they went through when they hit the country. Supposedly that's been rectified but all I can do is wait and see, I guess. If it's not a matter of cost then take them both for a ride and the one you grin more on is the one you should buy!
  13. mate
    i am 6ft aswell i have a custom xvs 650 great bike served me well just gone on my full licence so looking to upgrade.

    if you want check it out in the classifieds
  14. + 1 :angel: and all the comments that have been made about the yammy are true. The 650 will keep you going for a while after your off restrictions unless you get the upgrade 'big bike' bug :D

    The hunters arent too bad if you want a smaller bike with all the looks. Have seen one and riden one in person they are not bad. Hyo's etc were disgusting to ride in comparison to the yammy.
  15. Wow!!! Thanks for all the replies guys. I do very much appreciate every individual input. Well, I guess hands down, the Yamaha is the winner. And I did take a look at the after market parts available, and they look great. I will go for a test ride this weekend and hope to buy one by the end of the month. I'll keep you guys posted. Again thanks to every one of you. =D>
  16. Yeah, I love the look of the Hunter but am bitterly disappointed that it's only a 250 (2011 model 350). If it were at least 800CC I'd seriously consider getting one!
  17. I had the same choices as you, I went with the GV650S. I rode both of them but felt that the GV was for me as it is best of both worlds (styling and speed) and will be enough to keep me happy. I have had it since September '11 (April '11 build) and have 3000ish kilometres on it. I have only had 1 problem with it when I filled up at Caltex and got a bad batch of fuel (dealer had it tested, apperently I got muck of the bottom of the tank) and it jammed an injector open at 100%. I have upgraded the exhaust and put on bags, rack and sissy bar which made it sound and look better and be more functional. The only gripe I have is people asking 'what model Harley is that?', or 'nice harley' (at least once a day).
  18. Yes, the hunter bikes look very rugged and mean, but I felt that the overall look of it was quite skinny and didn't like the look of all that space between the engine. This is totally an aesthetic point of view. I'm sure they are great bikes.
    Also thanks Josh1990, for your feedback. I do love the shape of the Hyosung gv650s. That's great feedback.
    I know alot of you would recommend the YAMAHA due to it's fantastic history and reliability, but has anyone actually had a bad experience on the Hyosung GV650S? Due to it's lack of history and popularity, is it just a good bike that has been just dismissed? Let me know what you think guys. :)
  19. heard a few Hyo stories, only one about the cruiser version and that was some 3 years back the guy riding it at the time seemed a brutal kind of guy, was not happy with its intermittent reliability, thats all he said about it but he was still riding it!!
    I personally wouldnt go past the Yamaha!! but thats me.. Whatever bike you choose, enjoy every minute you ride it :)
  20. They had 2 enforced recall's, one for the handle bars falling off, and the first was for the fuel tanks splitting.

    As before if you can afford not to, don't.