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LAMS CAlculation

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aldrich, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. Can someone please show me how to work this out on my calculator with exactly shows exactly where to put the "weight" and "power"?

    I'm not even sure which information i need to work it out.. is it power or kw?

  2. 1000 (kg= 1 tonne) Divided by [the bikes weight in kgs plus a 90kg rider] x power (kw) = your killowatts per tonne.

    To be LAM approved the result must be less than 150.
  3. Type 1000 into your calc, then divide by the weight of the bike (I'm assuming it the manufacturers stated 'dry' weight) in kilos (sorry, add 90kg to the weight of the bike for rider). then multiply this by the claimed power (in KW). If the answer is over 150 it's not LAMS approved.

    An easier way of figuring out whether a bike is LAMS approved is to check the list. You won't be able to convince the RTA to put a bike on the list, they pay public servents too much to allow us proles to dictate what we can't and can't do...
  4. watts is a measure of power.

    kilowatts / tonnes = magic lams number

    so, if your bike weighs 100kgs then it can have up to 15kw's of power.

    or 0.15kw per kilo of motorcycle (dry weight)
  5. Thanks...
  6. 1000 divided by 276 multiplied by 43 kw is =

  7. What bike are we talking about here...
  8. ZXR 400 1989 model

  9. Try looking for a Honda RVF400...
  10. im confused...

    the rvf400 specs are:

    Claimed Horsepower: 60 hp (44.7 kW) @ 12500 rpm
    Dry Weight (without fluids): 165 kg (363.8 pounds)

    i calculated it to be more powerful than the zxr 400

  11. ....wrong ;). Although according to Honda:
    Power = 53PS (39kw)
    Weight = 165kg dry
    So that's 152kw/tonne - over the limit but not by much so presumably the RTA decided to allow it anyway?
  12. Don't the RVF and VFR come restricted to 40hp like heaps of 90's Jap bikes though, with those cards that contain different ignition settings
  13. So a zzr/gpx is 102 kw/tonne. Wussy
  14. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees........GETAHONDA ;)
  15. Correctamundo. RVF400s are restricted to 40hp.
  16. My LAMS bike had 65 hp, and didn't I love it! :shock:

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. plus some of your calculations above neglected to include rider weight
  18. Husky TE610; 39kw/140kg + 90kg rider = .169 :shock:
  19. KTM 625 SMC Motard made the list last year, not sure if it's still on it.

    25hp restricted.
    55hp derestricted.
    Takes all of an hour to do if you are slow on the tools.

    What stops people on restrictions de-restricting their bikes?
    I have not seen too many random roadside dyno tests. :)

    The salesman tried to tell me that LAMS approval meant I could race it in a certain class, lol. What a tool.
  20. True but with power/weight restrictions you're supposed to report any and all modifications made to the RTA. Removing the restrictors without informing them is no different than riding a non-LAMS bike - if they do catch up with you (like after a crash) you're going to find yourself uninsured and facing a few fines.