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LAMS Cafe Racer/Street Fighter Project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by modern_ninja, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Been kicking some thoughts around in my head and I need some ideas from some more experienced/knowledgeable people than me :D

    Ok, the idea:

    A small capacity bike that is cheap to register/insure and ride around (alot) that is ridiculously faster than it has any right to be.

    I want something I can mod and make really unique that still remains useful.

    What I need are some suggestions for bike make & model and we'll go from there. Obviously the CBR250 and RVF400 are two of the fastest LAMs bikes (along with the gladius), however they are overpriced because of their fame and/or displacement. What i'm looking for is something a little less main stream, that isn't fast "stock", but has potential to be real awesome :D

    Because i'm a tight corners kinda guy (as opposed to a straight line hero :D), the ability to go faster than 140 is not needed.

    Possibly looking to buy as a repairable write-off, or old and busted used bike and then fix it from there.

    EDIT: further research has me looking at maybe a GSX250 or CB250... drop on some clip-ons, rearsets and rework the suspension and brakes....
    EDIT2: further research:
    - Yamaha SR250
    - Yamaha FZX 250
    - Suzuki GN250
    - Kwaka EL250 Eliminator

    Obviously, i'm not sure about the capabilities of each kind of bike or the availability of compatible parts...
  2. hmm, what about something like a xr600 trail bike and make it into a street tracker/cafe racer?

    i think they are lams and can look pretty damn cool. because they are so minimal (air cooled) you can really change the look of them alot. just build a whole new subframe etc.

    i can picture it as a cafe racer in my head but i would rather one that looks like a flat track racer.

    still go plenty well, and if you go 17's it will handle like a motard.
  3. hmmm, not sure of the conversion of a trail bike... I wanna keep changes to the subframe at a minimum. clip-ons & rear sets are a must. a cafe'd 'tard would handle like a mofo, but i'm thinking more along the lines of a knee-dragging cafe racer... if that makes sense???
  4. 2 fiddy 2stroke? There aught to be a few on you LAMS list. They can be a bit hard to find now though.
  5. [​IMG]

    a cafe'd XR that is a work in progress. i like the look of it.

    heres one that has been photochopped with the paint style added to the above bike.


    sorry about the larg-ness of the pics.
  6. Oh wow JimmyD that is indeed something cool

    Where did the photo's come from? Is there a build log somewhere because im keen to have a read :)

    Wrecked CB400 would be perfect as the motor in those is apparently a ball of laughs but they are not so cheap.

    I absolutely love the idea behind this, sort of similar to what i hope to achieve with the Hyosung ;)
  7. Great Idea. Keeping it practical and fun....and cheap!
    Look for something with a tubular frame if u go down the cafe option.
    Also, try and find a bike that is parallell to the ground. makes it alot easier to fit seats etc...
    Good luck.
  8. jimmy.... you fux'd my margins dude.... 24" wide screen and it still doesn't fit :-s :rofl:

    But i do like.... I like how gnarly it is :D It would be an absolute beast to ride... Do you know how much you'd have to change the subframe to get it to work? Is that the original subframe, just with some different crap bolted on it?

    I did think about the CB400, as you say Sam though, might be a bit overpriced... I'm thinking i need to head to some wreckers and see what they've got...
  9. vtr250??? surprised it hasn't been suggested
    flat bars, swap the headlights for some duallys, well thats what im thinking of doing to mine anyway. clip ons is a bit of overkill (could be fun though, but not for a daily)
  10. I reckon JimmyD is right on the money.

    That is a sweeeeet loking XR, I was thinking of doing an XL at some stage - now I am convinced.

    So maybe an XL250 or 350?
  11. @spenaroo: cafes aren't ment to be comfortable... they are just supposed to be faster than the original bike was ever meant to be... now my skills are below making a rocket out of a two-fiddy... but thats the goal anyway...

    I did think of the vtr250.

    Manheim - CBF250 Repairable Write-off

    I did find this though yesterday... Minor (ish) damage...

    @Maduncle, yeah, i'd love a larger capacity one... but the entire idea is to keep the overall cost down. Smaller bikes chew tyres and petrol slower and don't cost as much to register/insure... I'm hoping to buy a 600 as my weekend bike and just use a styled up cafe as my ride around town :D . Thats why i'm thinking along the lines of the ones i've posted... POS learners that you wouldn't associate with being a cafe racer... Incidentally, said learners have excellent fuel efficiency and are some of the cheapest bikes to register, service & own :)
  12. haha, yeah i get that there meant to be race bikes without the fairing:p but my bike is my daily, so i require some comfort. but im always on the lookout for ways to make it more fun and personalize it to how id like it. part of the fun in motorbikes is wrenching and i find just as much enjoyment in the mechanical side as i do riding it.

    but if i was to do a cafe racer/streetfighter i would be looking at the older sportsbikes like the yamaha rz etc..... as it will retain that oldschool look and still provide some fun and enjoyment. plus you dont have to worry about modding a perfectly good bike (although id have to restore one as i love those bikes) if you go down this direction you will allways have something to do to it aswell, when your done with power/looks you can work on suspension, modernizing it etc... plus they are alot simpler and will be easier to modify especially as they wont use the alloy frames etc... of modern bikes (strong, light but you cant modify the frames without making a new one)

    the yamaha rz is cheap and its common to turn the 250 into a 350:p
  13. Legal aspect - In Victoria once you modify any bike to increase its power to weight ratio (either adding power or reducing weight) it's no longer LAMS. Probably the same in SA.
    But I'm guessing that's not an issue for you.
  14. I reckon it looks grouse just like that. I wouldn't do anything more on it.
  15. ^true but are the cops really going to look at the internals:p
    but it insurance would be a biatch if u didnt tell them
  16. if you're after a GN250 I have one in my parents' garage in need of a new home (I know you are in a different state)
    /sleazy salesman

    If you can spring for it I'd go for a CB400, they look sick with some clip ons.
  17. While its true there are a lot of misunderstandings about how the LAM's law works.

    I have been told by a SAPOL traffic officer that an exhaust on a LAM's bike was fine providing it wasn't too loud which is clearly incorrect. I have also been told this by countless salesmen.

    As with all things it comes down to behaviour and attitude, dont attract attention and you will be fine :)
  18. Yep all true. There have been people who have ridden non-LAMS bikes on their L's and gotten away with it.
  19. Buy an RVF400 and a gram of speed.
  20. I'd be very surprised if one of the tamer big singles would be drastically more expensive to run than a 250 in anything but insurance. They're pretty good on fuel, tyres and chains and the replacements are realtively cheap. I'm talking here about road-trail based powertrains, not utterly barking motards based on pukka competition bikes.