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WA LAMS Bikes for Western Australia

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by macca1334, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Not sure if this is the best place to post but I noticed that Western Australia will be going to lams bikes for learners and restricted as of the 14th of January 2013. I haven't seen this posted anywhere or in the news.

    I found out while looking at what paperwork I will need if I decided to buy a 250cc bike, glad I looked, now back to that list of approved bikes. :D
  2. Post a link as to the changes... the information isn't easy to find... all I managed (that I'd call credible) was this from the THS Honda Website:

  3. Well that snuck past. Looks like it's been coming for 6 months? Not that it's top of mind for me in Brizvegas.

    Here's a link to Department of Transport in WA:


  4. It is in today's Worst Australian, page 3 of the west wheels lift out.

    There was also some talk of changing how licensing was going to be done, to bring it into line with other states. Does anyone know if there have been changes here or not?
  5. the value of a vstar 650 will
    jump a huge amount.

    well most second hand lams bikes
    kicking around WA will be worth more

    a clever investor ...
  6. Yes, but the value of my virago 250 has just fallen a bit.
  7. I have heard a few people saying similar things to this, but I'm not sure that this will really be the case. In. the Eastern states, the most popular learner bikes are still 250s. Personally, I think that regardless of what you are allowed to ride, a four stroke 250 still makes a lot of sense as a first bike (especially due to the lower weight of most 250s)
  8. It's about time WA came out the dark ages, 4000k's west and 30 years backward is where you'll find Perth - oh and before the flames start, I was raised in Perth came to Qld last year after 40 years in WA.
    Personally I think you should get the biggest bike you can, I'm 6'1 and 150kg and weight aside find I only just fit on XVS650 - I can't ride it with work boots on because the added height makes it cramped to the point of being unsafe.
    I was just looking on Gumtree Perth and it seems that word of LAMS coming to WA has already gotten out.