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Featured LAMS bike with gear indicators

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mgpfire, May 3, 2015.

  1. I am looking for a learners bike that has gears on the dashboard because i noticed the GSXR 750 was to fast for me any ideas?

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  2. Gsxr600? ;)
  3. Which model which date i dont want anything over $5000
  4. This is the Welcome lounge where one normally introduces ones self and then asks questions. Seeing you don't seem to want to do that i'm moving your thread to a more appropriate forum.
  5. ok
  6. CB125e has a gear display.
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  7. Sfv650 has gear indicator and its a lams bike
  8. The early sixties Triumph Tiger Cub 200 had a gear position indicator on its "dash", not that I ever saw one which actually worked.

    Would you like to explain the GSXR 750 being too fast and wanting a LAMS bike?
  9. U can get aftermarket ones for most bikes online
  10. This is one of the retarded statements noobs often make. The bike is only as fast as you tell it to be. Twist the wrist, go faster.
    What gear you are in is irrelevant unless from a standing start where you want 1st.

    Ride the bike in the appropriate gear based on speed, road conditions and terrain.
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  11. Yeh sure i am new to being on a motor bike and i got a GSXR 750 and it just felt to fast and to much of a speeding bike for i just want a good nice sports bike that i can ride on at max 150km hour that is lams so its better for people on the L plates
  12. So you bought a super bike as your first bike? Interesting..

    Just get a universal gear indicator and stick it on whatever bike you get. Easiest option instead of narrowing your bike choice down to bikes with gear indicators
  13. Suzuki Inazuma 250 if you can get a good deal it 'can' be $5k ride away.
    I had one when I was in the l's and P's and it's a good bike
  14. just a question does it say what gear your in? because im realy sucky at counting it
  15. I usually don't agree with welcome threads to introduce yourself. But given you have created a confusing thread, start of by telling us wtf you are talking about.

    Are you on a restricted license? That's actually not a question, we know you must be as only novices ask about gear indicators (or those who just want an excuse to chose one bike over another).

    I'll leave the buying a GSXR750 as a first bike alone.... lol
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  16. Get a GiPro. Fixed.
  17. I'd recommend a Vespa that way you won't be confused by them fancy gears.

    Although if you must a Suzuki Gladius has a gear indicator and can be had for around $5k.
  18. Damn this sounds just like that corporal punishment fella!

    Dude you can't be serious....
  19. Yes it tells you what hear you are in, that bit really helped me when I was learning as I was / am crap at counting. A few times I would look at a set of lights and think" crap I am in 3rd"