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LAMS bike reviews

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. Thought some of the newbs might find this site a useful resource:

    Might make a good sticky eh?
  2. Great find mate. Sticky that biatch pronto.
  3. very nice, good for the newbies :)

    would of been nice if something like that was around when i started out!
  4. ha. the cbr125 was listed as a sportsbike.
  5. They say the SV650 is Lams ....From what I can remember the only Lams in the SV is the SV650S 2009 model with the half fairing ,not the naked one in the picture.
    Some are known as the SV650S"U" ...Its confusing for a new rider.
  6. ...And I'm pretty sure the RVF400 is back on the LAMS list. One of the problems of these kinds of sites it that more often than not the LAMS list has been updated but the website editor has buggered off and the information becomes misinformation.
  7. Hi Guys, Glad you like the site.

    I'm one of a group of 3 riders who built/run LAMS List.

    It's just a side-hobby, and done entirely out of our own pocket (the ads make us about $5/mth, and it costs a lot more than that to run it!).. and to be honest it's success has hit us by surprise as a little experiment now has us trying to keep up with updates etc.. but we're constantly working on it.

    Lately we've had to spend more time working on caching and load issues and has regrettably taken our attention off updating the bikes, but we're getting back on top of it this week.. adding more information about each bike, and adding more bikes. We're also implementing a new bit on the bike profiles that has a date as to when we last checked it against the LAMS lists from the gov't.

    To answer your q's:

    Bike classifications are done by "style" generally. We get the classifications from Wikipedia, and while it's far from perfect, it's usually the best single-source of information we've got. Wiki (and Honda, I emailed them for some info) consider the CBR125R a "small sports bike".

    I'll look into this ASAP and try make it clearer in the text and/or update the images as required.

    I guarantee we're not buggering off anywhere soon ;) While we all work full-time (and rather time-intensive jobs), we're working on the site in some form or another nearly every night.. and now it's getting bigger we're putting more effort into it. We recently added the request on the front page for people to help us via email, and we're slowly working on a COMPLETE overhaul of the site on an entirely new framework that will let us take advantage of user-submissions, user-ratings/moderation, and more.

    Feel free to post in this thread any other suggestions you've got for the site, we're stickied on a few other big bike forums and monitor the threads as much as possible and take it all on board.

    Ride safe!
  8. Good on you $en and keep up the good work.

    Loz, I just noticed the tag you did LOL.
  9. Well played gents. Keep up the good work. Australian learners could use a decent site about lams bike and you blokes seem to be doing a great job! I think the user comment feature could be a winner.