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LAMS bike for taller guy

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ADHD rider, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. hey guys, Never commented on forums before. I just did my rider course out at Cambelltown last weekend so now looking at getting my first road bike. I would love to know people's thoughts on the Yamaha R3 as a Lams bike for a taller person?

    I'm 6"2 and love the bike but am concerned about comfort and especially the gear selector foot position? Any taller guys had this bike what did you love / hate about it? And did you end up keeping it till the end of your Lams or even after?

    They are ride away for $6k. Which is awesome. Am tossing up going to a CBR500R for $8k or then there the MT07 for $10k. I think there all great bikes.
    I am a bit of a tight arse as well.
    Thanks for your help.
  2. Hello and welcome :)
    There must be ten threads on this already, there was one in the last month, try having a search.
    That's 6' 3" me on my Suzuki GSX650F in my avatar (I'm off restrictions now, but it was a good size for a big rider).
  3. Thanks buddy
  4. Welcome mate, hope you find a bike you like... let's face it, they're all nice :cool:
  5. Thanks mate. Yeah so many to choose from, so little time
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  6. CB500X or MT07 ??
  7. A taller rider would fit a 650 Strom pretty well. The LAMS version is starting to show up on the second hand market and there's not a lot of difference in the mid-range power delivery to the non-LAMS version.
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  8. Thanks for that will check it out. Had not really thought of Suzuki...but have seen heaps out on the road.
  9. I just sold my 2007 and my father in law has a 2015 650 Adventure. Brilliant bikes. Bit tall for shorter riders to learn on (fine if you have some experience) but if you're a bit longer of stride they'll fit fine.
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  10. welcome aboard :)
  11. welcome to NR - hope you find right bike for you
  12. KLR650 ... very useful bike
  13. I have a CB500X as pictured, great bike for taller riders as there's plenty of space in the controls, fairly capable bike too though I'm finding the limits of the stock tyres lately. It and the 650 V-Strom are very similar the Strom being slightly heavier and more expensive. The new 2016 CB500X also comes with fully adjustable suspension now too. But nothing beats test riding, but if you can't at least go and sit on them in the showroom.
  14. Welcome to the crazy forum that is NR ADHD riderADHD rider (love the name) ....
    I'm about as short as you can be so I couldn't give you any useful advice for tall bikes cause they're ALL tall for me! Lol

    I'm sure the other NR peeps will be much more helpful :)
  15. I'm 6'3" and have put 36K on my little CBR500R in just about 2 years...
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  16. I have a 500x too and I believe it is a little taller that the 500r and f, but still not as high as the V-strom.

    However I rode a mate's 500x with a redone higher seat which worked really well. Much more comfortable than the standard seat and still rode well.
  17. Get a used mt07 for $7000
  18. I'm 6'7", 120kg, size 13 shoes and the KLR650 fits me like a glove. No issues with the my leg angle for the rear brakes and no problem fitting my boots under the gear selector. I'm so high off the ground that I can see over most cars in front of me, and I'm tall/strong enough that it doesn't feel like a heavy bike at all.

    I've only had mine for 3 weeks now but I've put 200km on it and I'm very happy with my decision. The bike has a certain charm to it, I'm finding it a very simple machine and the massive single cylinder makes it shake like a tractor which I'm finding helpful as I can feel what the bike is doing by how it's vibrating.
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