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LAMS bike for tall rider

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jrock, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm a newbie and have been reading this forum for a while now but this is my first post. I know this has been asked before but given new models etc. thought I'd ask again.

    I'm doing my Qride course this weekend and am very keen to buy my first bike soon after.

    Have been looking around for months and was pretty keen on a VTR250. Only trouble is I'm 6"5 and 100kgs and when I sat on one it was uncomfortable. Also most people seem to agree it won't be powerful enough for someone my size.

    So... looking for reccommendations for a naked style LAMS bike around $5k - $6k that would suit a large rider. Will be used for short commutes to work daily and the occassional weekend ride.

    I'll be looking to keep it for at least 3 or 4 years so I want something I won't get bored with. A salesman tried to sell me a GS500 on the weekend but they just don't do it for me. Considering a 2010 Hyosung GT650 but concerned about their reputation for being rubbish.

    Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

  2. KLR650 or DR650

    Ok the KLR is not really naked but comfort is more important than look to me YMMV. Both can be had a couple of years old for your budget
  3. I was in same boat 6'6 and 100kg. I rode (put up) with a GS500 for a year. Couldn't upgrade fast enough. I was a fool though as i rode other bikes far more suited to my height (aprilia pegaso 650) but the GS500 was popular at the time. There isn't much that will be powerful enough to carry your weight in the LAMS category. The GS500 was torquey enough to do what it needed to do, but its suspension was more suited to a 50kg jap rider, and it needed to be short shifted if you wanted to get anywhere in a hurry. Hopefully your QRide provider will have something interesting to ride.
  4. Im 6'2 100kg and have a honda deauville 650 which is pretty comfy to ride and you can pick low km models up fairly cheaply.
  5. I'm about your height and I've ridden an XR400R before and it was like it was made for me. R isn't legal on learners but XR400 is (in vic anyway). So yeah go an XR400, an XR600R (they look to be about the same size but more grunt), a KLR650 or a DR650.
  6. the vtr is powerful enough to have plenty of fun on, im 6'4 100kg and have ridden one for over a year and a half but if your looking for a 3-4 year bike maybe try the cb400?
  7. Cheers for the advice guys.

    I'll definitely check out the XR400 and the DR650.

    Was originally thinking it would be a naked road bike but it's worth testing the off roaders as well.
  8. It might be worthwhile playing with the http://cycle-ergo.com/ website a little, at least to short-list legroom candidates. :)
  9. I was comfortable on a gt250r at 6'9" and 95kgs
  10. Yeah, GT250R (and the GT650R; they're the same fairings/etc) are both relatively big for a 250. Honda Hornet 250 is also a big 250.

    The adventure-oriented dualsports like the KLR650, BMW F650GS Dakar (the pre-2007 single-cylinder one) typically have good legroom. Although the Dakar's 'normal' F650GS sister and the F650CS of the same era need a taller seat to prevent the rider's legs fouling. Dakar GS good, non-dakar GS bad.

    (A pet peeve of mine - Dualsports and adventure bikes used to be 'You must be THIS tall to ride', and therefore a safe bet for giants like us. But it seems that with the increased popularity of that style of bike, seat heights and ergonomics have increasingly been focussed toward letting the short-of-stature throw a leg over at the cost of folding us taller folk up like pretzels.)
  11. I'm 6'4" and slightly heavier - the GS500 works well. Looking forward to the upgrade when I get some more coin though :)
  12. The GSX650FU was a good bike. Bummer about the restrictions but its not the end of the world.

    If I was going to do it all again, I'd get a 650 motard. They're cheap and fun.
  13. 6'5 and i ride a 250 Hyosung without any problem. Its certainly a cheap option :)
  14. Thanks for the suggestions and keep em coming as I'm still researching (although very keen to get mobile).

    I'm definitely warming to the idea of 650 Motard. I used to race motocross bikes years ago so I'm sure I'd feel comfortable on one.
  15. Taking delivery of a DRZ 400 Super Motard today.

    Thanks for all the advice and can't wait to hit the road!
  16. Congrats, they are awesome bikes, you will have an absolute blast!