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LAMS bike for someone with a little experience

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Hcmhighway, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. Hi guys, was wandering if anyone could help recommend a good first bike :)

    Last year i bought a little 110cc that was falling to pieces while i was in Hanoi (not a great place to learn...at all) and over the next month I rode it all the way down south, So I've seen a little of the twisties and highways and done some general commuting around town.
    With that in mind, what sort of bike would be recommended for someone who isn't exactly starting from scratch?

    Love the looks of sports and naked bikes.
    Budget is roughly 6k
    5 ft 11 and roughly 80kg
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  2. G'day mate, essentially you can read all the reviews and hear everybody's take on this, but you need to go ride all the bikes you currently like, plus a bunch of others, and see what comes out in the wash. You may be surprised. Once you've narrowed down to 2-3 favourite bikes, then ask the same question again for a more focused answer.

    Have you got a license and if so are you LAMS restricted for a period?
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  3. Honda cb400, straight up. Classic looking naked LAMS bike that's reliable, surprisingly fast and a heap of fun. High revving inline4 with a buttery smooth six speed gearbox and a sweet vtec surprise after 6750rpms will have more than enough power to drag your 80kgs through the hills. Can't recommend one highly enough. I sound like a broken record talking these bikes up on this forum, but I ride a thousand cc v-twin and my cb400 still puts a massive grin on my face every time, I just can't bring myself to sell it.

    Around $6k will get you a nice low km model, possibly with ABS if your haggling skills are up to scratch. Everybody knows hondas are boring, but it's my secret belief that this particular model is an exception... That, and there's not many sub-600 bikes that sound as good as this one does. Go test ride one, and take it up a steep hill at 8000rpms and wind the throttle on. I haven't ridden many LAMS bikes that will do what this one does.
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  4. Nope, no license so I'll be sitting on a lams bike for a while it seems.
    That probably doesn't help in regards to testing bikes either..
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  5. I just saw you were in Melbourne, I was going to say jump on the back of mine and I'll take you for a blast on it. Disregard that, I guess. Haha have you thought about getting your licence then testing a few?
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  6. Yup you got to get your license first, or what's the point of having a bike? Do that and then go test bikes...
  7. Yeah, planning on getting my Ls right after the uni semester finishes when I've got a couple of days free.
    I've heard people generally don't let LAMS riders go test ride bikes though.
  8. Haha get your love cease
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  9. fcuking auto spelling
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  10. There are shops that do, if they tell you no, tell them you'll be shopping elsewhere...
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  11. Some are better than others, ring around and set up some rides once you're L'd...
  12. Great, once I've got all the learners down pat I'll ring around and see who'll give me a go on their bikes. :)
    The bike I bought in Vietnam was a bit of a laugh. Paid 200 ausy for a bike with the brakes all worn out on both ends. He knew a good deal when he saw one! XD
    Thanks for the help, ill keep an eye out for the cb400 when the time comes!
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  13. Does your budget include bike gear????
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  14. welcome aboard :)

    Until you get your Ls start checking out gear options, AMX & MCAS are great places to start
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  15. Honda - CBR250R/CBR500R/CB400
    Yamaha - R3
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  16. There are enough LAMS bikes that even if you put em up against a wall and take an uzi to them, you'd still miss a few...
    And what chillibuttonchillibutton said...
    I had prior riding experience, but needed a LAMS bike, for weekends only fun bike, I got a Ninja 650.

    I'd suggest narrow down what you need from the bike - Commuter, Touring, Short weekend only pocket rocket or a mix, looks - did I mention looks :)
    That should give you a few options - then go and ride a few, but the one that's most comfortable.

    Peter Stevens in Ringwood will allow you to ride a few as an 'L' rider - but you must book in advance.
    As b12mickb12mick says remember gear as well in the budget. This can be significant - mine was > $1500 all up.
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  17. Don't forget to look at the second hand market. Some damn good buys out there.

    I'm also of the opinion that your first bike doesn't really matter, providing it's in good mechanical condition, and you fit on it.
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  18. Good luck with the test!
    Monash uni? I could use another CB400 to park next to. There's a CB900 there...but...I dunno. Not the same ;)

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  19. nope that figure was just for the bike. Haven't forgotten gear :) But since we're on the topic... is there a huge difference between cheap helmets and expensive helmets from a safety perspective? Id rather spend a bit extra on a helmet if that is the case.
  20. Haha nope, RMIT. It may be parked next to all the little 300 sports on swanston street if i ride in :p That's a great looking bike by the way, Love the paint scheme!
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