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Lams bike for short bloke.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by pez2011, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. Hi. Im on my L's about to take P's on a scooter but want to get a light 250cc ish bike second hand for no more than $3k. Im a small bloke who is only 5'5" tall and not overly strong, so would struggle picking up a 160kg+ bike. Cant decide on style lol so all recommendations please.

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    Heys. I'm a newbie myself, so I can't really say if [URL="]this[/URL] will work when you need to pick up a heavy bike. But it does look plausible / doable =]
  3. Hi Pez,

    When i did my learner course, the shorter riders were on a honda cb250.

    That's just one example that fits your criteria of seat height and price.

    I wouldn't rule a bike out because you couldn't pick it up!
  4. Here in NSW the training courses are done on cb250's. Girls taking their pre learners are fine with riding them.

    I've got to mention my 'stay upright' instructor at the time was well over 6 feet, and weigh well over 100kg's, and he too was fine with the CB's.
  5. bloke i work with is about 3foot7 in platforms and rides a suzi across
    *that's an exaggeration, he's maybe 5foot flat
  6. Try a VTR250 maybe? If its still a bit tall, you could have the seat shaved down a few inches. Mine doesnt feel all too heavy and reckon i could pick it up quite easy if i was to drop it.
  7. + 1 for the VTR or Spada... both are really light and easy to throw around.
  8. CBR125 cant get much smaller than that
  9. as suggested you can always get a seat modified, or the rear spring customised, on pretty-well any bike....
  10. When you first get on a bike and also start pushing a bike around you will be using muscles you haven't used before and it will feel awkward and heavy. Do it for a while and you will get used to it and if won't feel so heavy.

    You can get a low bike but remember that as you learn to ride more you will find theat the thing that made it attractive when you first got it, starts to become a liability. The lower the bike, the more you you are likely to ground bits of it when you start to lean more.

    I'm only an inch taller than you and my bike weighs in way heavier, probably 50+ kg heavier, than most learner bikes. You will get used to it.
  11. I'm honestly not trolling and this might sound very dumb, but... Is it a good idea to practice pushing the bike around when I get it?

    I mean... That should help my muscles get used to it faster, right? And hopefully it will help lower my chances of dropping the bike when trying to park it or something along that line.

    edit: "honestly not trolling". Not "not honestly trolling". Grammar fail...
  12. I wouldn't you stand a good deal more risk of dropping a heavy bike pushing it around than riding it. And I imagine you'd have to push quite a few miles to get the benefit.

    Just ride and you'll get used to it soon enough.

    We shorter riders need to plan ahead more though. When you stop if there is a hole make sure you stop with your tyre in it, not your foot in it. And when parking, park so it's easier to get out.

    I'm sure you'll be fine.
  13. ++1 for the VTR. I'm around 5'5-6" ish and my feet are well and truly flat on the ground, so you at 5"5' should be fine. In fact, I'm thinking of getting my seat built up a bit to give me more clearance btw my arse and the pegs.

    I find it heavy, but then I push like a girl ('cause I am one). Easy to ride tho. CBR125s are ridiculously light, but might be underpowered for you depending on your weight. The 250 has enough of a job hauling my lardarse around; just as well I didn't look at the 125 for too long LOL.
  14. My partner is 5 foot even and she has no problems with vtr 250,might cost you a bit more than 3000 for a reasonably good one,i would budget 4-4500.
  15. Thats exactly right, GreyBM. I remember sitting on the V-Star 650 in the bike shop and found the bike very heavy but now I'm so used to its weight that I dont even think twice about using it.