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LAMS bike for longish trips

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Cris, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. I will be buying a first bike towards the end of April. My only non-negotiable requirement is that it has ABS. That thins the field (perhaps too much, but it's what I've decided). The other major factor is my expected pattern of use, which will be primarily for long trips. Once I'm comfortable with the bike (however long that takes), I'll be doing 2 day camping trips (light, not much gear, all on-road), as well as travelling between the Northern NSW and Melbourne every few weeks (with no great rush -- 3 days would be OK).

    In an ideal world, from what I know of the market so far, I'd probably get something like a Honda CB500X, or perhaps a CB400 w/ABS. But I'm not 100% sure I want to spend the $8000-odd that would take. Wondering if it might be better to get something smaller and cheaper initially, with a view to trading up within my learner/P period if I felt the need. There's not much to choose from with smaller bikes though. Ninja 300 ABS perhaps - I don't really favour the sport bike style, but they seem well-regarded, economical, and practical. I don't have a precise budget exactly. I could do $8.5k, but would prefer $4.5k.

    One further limitation is that where I live (Northern Rivers) there aren't a huge number of used bikes around. Lots of Ninjas, but only the odd CB400. I could go over the border to Queensland, but would rather avoid the rego transfer mess if possible.

    So I have two questions:
    - given the limitations above, are there any other models I should be having a look at?
    - is the idea of doing long trips on a 250 or 300 silly? I realise it's not the obvious or perfect choice, but would it be a manageable option initially?

  2. Second hand ABS Versys is worth a look. They come in LAMS & full fat versions.
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  3. You will get an older Fireblade in that sort of price range with ABS, not really a touring bike but Honda sold a lot of them so there are lots on the market. They will be 10 yo or so in that price range though. e.g this 2000 model.
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    Will investigate that one, thanks.

    Oops, my bad. Should have specified LAMS. Doesn't look like I can edit the post title (I'm new to this forum).
  5. Ahh Ok that does limit your choices ABS was a relatively latecomer to LAMS bikes. You may need to lift you budget a bit.

    PS: Edited the thread title for you.
  6. Ah, thanks for the that.

    Technically there's nothing to stop me lifting the budget. I'm a little skittish about spending too much on something I'm entirely new to, at least initially. OTOH, looking at the market, I'm amazed at how well bikes (at least LAMS) seem to hold their value, so perhaps it's not much of a gamble.
  7. Sorry but not correct Chris - ABS not available til the post 2008 generation Fireblades (09 / '10 ? Not 100% sure but definitely after 2008 ) .
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  8. Fireblades aren't LAMS
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  9. Either Versys or if you want better looking with just as much touring ability you could get the Lams Ninja 650, upright, wind protection and the same 650 engine great for cruising highways with a nice plush seat. Available from 6ish second hand-9k brand new.
  10. Ok thanks mate, I thought they offered it earlier than that. In any case its not going to suit the OP in this case.
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  11. I'm not entirely sure that $4.5 k is gonna get you a LAMS with ABS. It seems to be a very recent thing.
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    Cheers (had to edit the cruft off at the end of the url). Only down at Coffs too. Shame I can't ride yet ;)

    The cheapest ABS seem to be the 300 Ninjas and one of the recent Honda singles (forgotten the model). From what I read the latter's a bit feeble, and as I said above I am not sure whether a 300 would really suit my needs.
  13. Have another read Jazz OP said this "I don't have a precise budget exactly. I could do $8.5k, but would prefer $4.5k."

    Add in some man maths and the market opens up significantly.
  14. Id give the ABS a miss, and grab something like a GS500, or GS500F(if you want fairings). Bullet-proof bike, great bike to learn on! If you're after something a bit more flash go for the GSX650F-it may actually come with ABS....not sure!
  15. Maybe put a shout out to fellow Netriders, there's a few of us whom wouldn't mind checking out and riding a bike back for you or even lend you a trailer.

    We've got a good community running here.

  16. Well his prefered option isn't gonna happen is it?

    +1 for the GS500. I ride one ('cause I'm a cheap bastard). I kept up with* a CB1000 from Tathra to Bermagui this morning (mind you I was wringing its poor little neck)

    (except for a couple of hills)
  17. yup! i had a GS 500F as my first bike for a year! just sold it a week ago and bought a R6-wish i could have kept both! The 500 was great for long hauls!
  18. Unfortunately they didn't bring the ABS version to Australia
  19. I recently went through this decision process.

    I noticed that second hand Versys in Coffs and checked out a local one for the same price. LAMS bikes do seem to hold their price.

    In the end I got a new one for $9000 so for me it made sense to spend the extra and get new. Sydney dealer was great.

    I've only had the bike 4 days but I'm loving it so far and highly recommend it and the dealer.
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