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LAMS bike for bigger guy

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bike_noob, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Hi folks.

    Title pretty much says it all, im 6' and 110Kg and im looking for recomendations for a good bike. And as my username suggest I have very limited knowledge about motorbike engines and torque and all that jazz.
    Also i will be using the bike for my main mode of transport to and from uni and i will be using the freeways/highways of melbourne.

    So i want to know which bike would be best suited for somene of my size and something that will have enough power to let me feel safe on a free way/ highway.

    Also bike has to be LAMS. $7.5K max

  2. Suzuki GS500 should be on your short list, it's a bike that will do most things ok... an all rounder sort of bike.

    And given that you don't know what you'll like it's probably better to stick to the mainstream.
  3. How about a Honda CB400? You may have to look harder and maybe negotiate harder to get at $7.5k. I bought mine second hand for $8k.

    I read that it is the second best selling naked motorbike. Classic looks, top engine and performance. Really happy with the bike. The 400cc and Vtec engine really makes a difference. The bike is built very well and uses quality components.

    You won't go wrong. Have fun searching.
  4. Also in terms of second hand bikes, whats the upperlimit on the odometer?
    20,000 k's?

    cause i seen lots of bikes but they ave 30,000 - 60,000 + k's.

    ITs also frustrating how despite all the bikes lised on the LAMS, pretty much only 3-4 sports bikes and a few cruisers are worth looking at for learners. the rest are too old,unavailabe, lack power etc. etc.
  5. I'm 6ft 3in and about 80kgs.

    I've spent a fair bit of time on a VTR250, it's okay, but not what I'd call comfortable. Definitely underpowered, and because you have a few kilos on me I'd steer well clear if I were you.

    I test rode

    GS500 - Size wise, felt good but I swear the one I rode had something wrong with it, I have never even heard of a bike being that jerky before.

    CB400 - For me, this felt like the perfect learner bike, found it easier to handle than the GS500 but YMMV.

    Used to own

    TS250X - Doubt it's relevant at all, but it was okay for what it was.

    In terms of kilometers, depends on the bike model, and more so how it's been cared for.

    As an example the VTR250 I have on loan at the moment has a smidge over 41k on the clock and at a recent service got a few thumbs up for a much longer life.

    I would be more inclined to check that it's been serviced and generally taken care of rather than worrying about the k's (unless they're stupidly high).
  6. I had the GS500 and it's a great first bike as did a mate and he's 6'2" and 110kg.

    Have a look at www.bikesales.com.au and checkout the GS500. There are some new ones at around $7.k new if you're in QLD and some very low k ones for $6.5 around Melbourne.
  7. GS500F is the answer, it's a good price and very reliable, I had one for my first bike and I don't know much about bikes when I first started did a bit of looking around and found that that was the bike for my size, 6'4 110 kg, not as quick as the bigger bikes but it'll keep up with them on the streets and does highway speed with no problem
  8. they are 4 stroke engines, with proper oil changes you should get at least 150,000km

    20,000km is nothing.
  9. GSF 500 looks like a winner so far.
    Is it better to get the naked one or the fairings?
    Does this make a big differnce in handeling on a windy day on the freeway?

    also had a look at Ninja 650 RL
    I dont understand how a Kawasaki Ninja bike with 650cc is allowed in the LAMS?

    What are people thoughts on 250gtr Hyosung?
    It looks like it has much wider tyres than other 250s and looks much bigger.
  10. ridden a faired GS500, it was fine as a bit of a shorter guy had no wind problems. really wind is a riding style problem. On my daytona I use the wind at higher speeds to hold me up.

    Hyosung's I will leave to other people but I would be more inclined on the GS500.

    The ninja qualifies because its not really a Ninja - it is a parallel twin and doesn't make the power of an inline 4. But probably still a good engine. LAMS avoids peaky inline 4's for a good reason.

    Have you looked at the lams suzuki SV650? V-twin engines are popular and would be a good choice for a learner.
  11. this bike looks nice.

    again just about the handeling of this bike since it dosent have the front screen, does this affect the handeling of it at high speeds?


    How much do new tyres cost for a bike?

    Also how much does a full service cost and how often should it be performed?
  12. I've been looking for a LAMS SV650 for ages now in your price range and haven't found one... they are like hens teeth.

    You do see Hyosungs in LAMS for around that price but the reliability remains a question mark, there are good ones and bad ones.

    A low kms GS500 (fairing for better looks, no fairing for cheaper cost and insurance) is a safer choice.
  13. 1) wind does not affect a decent rider, you learn to go with it and your bike doesn't move in the wind. If you are at a track you will notice the difference between a faired and unfaired at 180kph+

    2) tyres - how long is a piece of string? A set for a 250 is cheaper than for a a bigger bike. I was paying around $320 for a set of pirelli sport demons for my 250 and now paying over $600 a set for the daytona. Been lucky lately and have picked up a set of DOT tyres for the track (not so great for normal riding).

    3) servicing, intervals are around 10,00km to 12,000km for most bikes with a major at every second (20,000 to 24,000) Its not that expensive if you can do the basics yourself like oil changes etc. You should really learn basic maintennance on a bike, it keeps you in touch with it. Its not like a car stuff breaks quicker and bikes can be like a high maitenance girl friend - Fantastic when you look after them, rip your balls off if you don't.
  14. thanks for the helpful responses guys.

    Im leaning towards the GSF500, its within my price range and seem like a decent bike from what i can see on the net.

    I go for my learners on 2nd feb. wish me luck ill post pics of the bike i purchase after that.
  15. good choice and good luck. Make sure you factor in the cost of good riding gear.
  16. Suzuki Gladius

    Kwacka Ninja 650 RL

    Kwacka ER6 NL

    Aprilia 550 svx motard ( pulls harder than a 12 year old with broadband and a free p0rn site)

    and if you look at a hyosung get a post 2008 one that is the GT650R wy bother with a 250 at your size try to find one with warranty or a new injected one -- that way the manufacturer pays for faults

    Have a tinker and you may be able to google how to "derestrict" these models - purely for academic purposes of course
  17. I had a GS500 (I'm 6'2" and ~110kg). Great bike if you look after it. It does the highways and motorways without a problem and is easy to learn on and do the MOST on.
    I picked mine up with 2.5k on the odo for 7K. It was a K7 model and I was buying early 08. Im glad I got the naked version as fairings are expensive to fix / replace when you drop the bike and being on your L's that is the time when you are most likely to have an accident.
    IIRC the service interval is every 6k is a minor service and every 12k is a major service.
  18. How about a Suzuki DR650? Although Im 30kgs lighter than you, at 6' tall as well I find it a great bike for my height. Its LAMS & you could possibly get one new on the road for that price or one with heaps of extras for $7.5K
  19. Another vote for the gs500.

    6'2 and 107kg here - the bikes a good fit.

    They're popular so there's plenty of second hand stock around. 5k will see you with a decent example some years old. Naked model can be had new for mid to high 7k.

    The handbook calls for valve check every service (6k intervals) - that pushes the service cost up and I've been quoted anthing from $360 to $480. A few basic tools, a handbook and the good people at gstwin.com are all you need to learn to service it yourself.

    I took the cb400 for a run - very comfortable and I liked the ABS option but too revvy for me. Under no circumstances should you get a 250. They just don't have enough grunt to move a big guy at freeway speeds.
  20. My brother is taller than me (I'm 178cm - 5ft 10) and he's probably over 100kg too. He bought a Suzuki SV650S LAMS a few months ago. He seems happy enough with it.